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Ravishing and Refreshing Eco-Friendly Mandap Ideas For Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Eco-friendly mandaps are the biggest hit in recent times. This trend is picking up tremendously because every wedding must have a mandap and what’s better than setting one that’s great for the environment. For your ease and to save your time, we have created a list of all the best eco-friendly mandap inspirations that you can use for a wedding.

Cane Basket Mandap

These cane baskets look absolutely beautiful when hung on mandap ceiling. Light bulbs in the middle of lush green branches attached to these baskets elevate the look of the mandap.

Bamboo Mandap

This eco-friendly mandap constructed from bamboo sticks stands out from ordinary mandaps. Bamboo corners and ceiling look minimalistic and blissful along with the floor decor with the flower bouquet. You can also wrap fabric drapes around bamboo to add a modern touch.

Green Mandap

These lush green structures are one of the best eco-friendly mandaps out there. Pick some olive branches, lush green branches and add floral touch according to the wedding theme.

Floral Mandap

When nothing seems like a perfect choice, flowers are the way to go. These floral eco-friendly mandaps are prepared by wrapping flowers around wooden structures and branches. You may go for pastel, popping or themed flowers.

Natural Mandap

If you happen to have a big tall tree inside the wedding venue, make it a statement mandap tree. Set up the arrangements right below that to create an instant no-effort eco-friendly mandap.

Boho Mandap

These boho mandaps are designed on a wooden frame. Some of the most frequently used decor elements for these mandaps are dried pampas grass, palm leaves, and a bunch of dry and wooden flowers.

Check out these eco-friendly mandap ideas and pick out the best for your upcoming wedding inspirations. Go green by choosing this over traditional mandaps and save your time and money. Good deal, right?

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