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Exquisite Mughal Wedding Inspirations to Make Your Wedding Marvelous

by Harshita Sharma

As big as the wedding gets, is it ever enough? But there is one thing that can make your wedding a grand affair, a mughal wedding. Mughal wedding theme includes decorations that are grand, royal and monumental. We have curated a list of some of the best mughal wedding decor inspo for you that you can use at your wedding to create a whole different era.


You should keep a bundle of natural lighting arrangements prepared all around the wedding venue to create a Mughal wedding look. You can use tall lanterns, elephant candles, candle holders made of glass and metals as centerpieces.


Start the preparation for your Mughal wedding by sending out Mughal architecture wedding invitations to your guests. These invitations look elegant and simple with intricate motif detailing on the border.

Islamic Arch

No wedding is completely a Mughal wedding until it has historic Islamic arches. These arches can be used as the venue entrance, photobooth, stage backdrop, and wall decor. You can decor the wall by using jali designs on these arches and adorning it with ombre flowers.

Gold Indoors

A grand wedding venue with golden colored decoration gives a royal look. Gigantic chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings is also a classic decor for the Mughal wedding.

Mirror Work

A ceiling full of mirrors and wall panel with intricate mirror cutting work looks magnificent. These can be installed anywhere in the wedding to enhance the look.

Historic Artifacts

You can use different ancient artifacts and antiques from the old times to create different walls dedicated to this. It can also be used as a photobooth wall backdrop for the wedding.

These are the latest and best wedding inspirations if you are thinking of planning a Mughal wedding. We are sure you will get inspired from all the ideas mentioned above and pin them up for your upcoming wedding.

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