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Flattering Green Wedding Ideas We Gathered For All You Nature Lovers

by Harshita Sharma

It doesn’t matter how you choose to decorate a wedding, nothing can beat nature’s touch to it. Although, the green wedding theme is not a new trend in the industry, and incorporating green ideas in your wedding is not recent. But there’s always something new popping up to refresh the theme and provide you with more to work with at your green wedding. We have put together some of the iconic green wedding ideas for you to choose from for your invigorating wedding.

Photo Booths

You can use green wedding photo booths that are full of vertical gardens and have tropical leaves all over it. You can also make some use of flowers and create a green floral picture booth. Neon wedding signs, hashtags and monograms go perfectly well with the natural vibe and is a go to choice for all the modern couples.

Accent Wall

Lanterns against a boxwood wall create a soft, airy space

Accent walls are very popular at weddings. A green accent wall has eye-catching mirrors, lanterns, and frames attached to a vertical garden. These pieces add an extra oomph factor to the whole look.

Stage Backdrop

A green wedding is not complete until you have a green stage decor installed for the reception. A couple seating amidst the green stage looks magnificent. You can use floral arrangements to make it more attractive.


Table centerpieces are one such thing that you can never skip while planning a wedding. Green wedding decor centerpieces includes a green bouquet with a glass vase, a green trail running across the dining table as a table runner, and golden frames to give a more aesthetic look.

Green Hanging Pieces

Hanging pieces always add more to the entire look and take it to the next level. Green wedding can have wooden chairs and green hanging decor from the ceiling. You can add glass lamps, bulbs, and even wrap greenery around normal lamps to create the look.

A green wedding doesn’t need much to stand out if you choose to adorn it the right way. This list will help you with deciding exactly that. Get inspired for your own green wedding by choosing this theme and impress all the guests.

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