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Super Catchy and Unique Decor Elements to Celebrate your D Day in Style!

by Sanhita Roy

Offbeat or hatke elements enrich the wedding decor to great heights and here we are with some super unique decor elements for your special day. Theme based wedding decoration, when punched with these cute elements in between simply, excels to catch every eye that falls on it. These catchy decorative pieces when photographed is sure to create a point of soothing gossip in the minds of guests.

Here we have provided some concepts of unique and super catchy decor elements for you to choose!

Vintage decor with peacock feathers

Real peacock feathers have been used to create this rustic decor. This spells subtle beauty and grace which is in theme with your grand wedding.

Green leaves table numbers

Want to give your guests a taste of wow factor? Try this leaf based table number concept. Creative and enthralling this is sure to catch every imagination.

Offbeat and beautiful wedding cakes

Daniel Andreotti, Ana Parzych Cakes

Isn’t they majestic? Wedding cakes set the mood of celebration. These cakes are sure to catch every imagination and a grand hi-pitched celebration is on the cards.

Splash of Sunshine!

Yellow represents health and prosperity. This all yellow decor in open is simple yet unique. Arranged meticulously is a lawn table that is sure to mesmerize the guests.

Unique Beer Canoe

Dark Green Wedding Decor Photo unique decor elements
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This beer canoe is unique and mind-blowing. It is sure to catch every imagination and is going to be a major talking point. Unique concepts are the ones that have lasting feel-good impressions and this one certainly is.

Did anyone say ice centerpieces?

Jerry Rose Events, White Lilac

Ever thought of ice to be a piece of decor? Just look at this piece of creativity which is sure to catch every imagination that looks at it.

Chai concept as piece of decor


Ever imagined ‘chai’ to be a piece of decor at your wedding? Think and try this as it is graceful and elegant and is sure to catch every imagination that looks at it.

Majestic hanging place cards

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Fresh flowers and leaves are always trendy and unique. Wonderfully designed place card decor creates a feel good factor which is sure to be cherished by everyone present.

Fancy and cute clay miniatures

Lucy clay designs

Imaginative funny and creative these doll decors are sure to be major attractions at a wedding. The fun element is sure to enhance the feel-good factor in the minds of guests who look at it.

Moss chair with bountiful nature

Natural grass and leaves used on a structured wooden frame to create this unique chair decor. It is sure to be a major attraction in an open or backyard wedding.

Rustic wedding table name logs

So creative isn’t it? The absolute fresh concept as you use natural logs for your table guest names. The guests will surely appreciate and enjoy this concept thereby making your wedding a grand celebration.

Wedding table names on clay

So imaginative isn’t it? The absolute fresh concept as you use natural clay for your table guest names is surely praise worthy!

Let’s work with real fruits!

In Bloom Wedding and Event Floral

These fresh fruits are ideal to make these unique enthralling decor elements. Use these fruit centerpieces and get ready for some compliments!

Themed cushions and violet lights!

This unique decor element brings life to every corner of the wedding venue where it is placed. Awesome and enthralling it is sure to catch the imagination of the guest attendees.

Quirky welcoming ducks

These unique duck models is a fresh concept. Try it in a corner of your wedding venue and it is sure to set as a major attraction. Selfies taken in front of these models is sure to have many ‘likes’ in social media.

Ravishing candle decor

This ravishing piece of decor attracts grace. A mesmerizing and soothing sight is sure to catch every imagination of the guest attendees.

Gorgeous clay Ganapati

Super Catchy and Unique Decor Elements to Celebrate your D Day in Style!, 117880693 303273867602878 8313472419590306321 n.jpg? nc ht=scontent.cdninstagram
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This decor is unique with Ganpati Bappa at the helm. It transcends grace and imagination which is sure to be loved and adored by the guest attendees.

Illusion and rose photobooth

Looks stunning and authentic in a corner of the wedding venue. A lovely picturesque sight which is sure to provide the best of selfies when taken in its front.

Check out our ultimate guide to make floral decorations at your wedding venue and let us know your favorite!

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