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Astonishing Chair Decor to Beautifully Style up Your Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Chair decor is one of the most ignored areas when it comes to planning a wedding. They are mostly not a very integral part of the wedding theme. But we are here to tell you something new, you can style up the chairs at your wedding in a million beautiful ways instead of leaving them as plain seating for the guests. Your guests deserve to be seated in chairs that come with the best decor. Let’s look at a few inspirations for chair decor at your wedding.

Monogram Chair

Monogram chairs are custom designed seats with the wedding monogram, couple’s name, hashtag, or the classic ones saying bride and groom.

Flowy Drapes

This long floor-length fabric drape chair decor looks very pleasant and elegant and is perfect for a breezy wedding on the side of a beach. You can make it more pretty by using shells, ribbons, and laces.

Green Glow

If you are interested in including natural elements in your wedding, opt for these greenery chair decor. They are a delight to look at with a bunch of different shapes and sizes of leaves and are best to plan during a day event.

Fabric Ribbon

Fabric ribbons are fun, colorful and charming to have them wrapped around the chairs. You can choose the perfect color palette for the fabric ribbons that goes with your wedding theme.

Macrame Twist

These are mostly used for bohemian wedding themes, but they look equally intriguing in all other themes. You just need to mix and match some additional decorations to make it blend with the other wedding themes.

Marigold Bliss

We have all seen the bride and groom wearing flower necklace at their wedding. You can even make your guests feel special by decorating each chair with a flower garland for your guests.

Transparent Seating

See through chairs look magnificent in any setting whether it’s indoors or outdoors. If you are planning a modern wedding, this will probably match up to your expectations.

Magnificent Mogra

Plan out your chair decor using these mogra flower beads to spread happiness along with adding a beautiful fragrance to the wedding.

Fabric Ribbon and Bunch

One of the most minimalistic yet sophisticated chair decor of all time is to use a flower bunch along with the fabric ribbon at the corner of all chairs.

Classic Gold

A classic wedding is not complete without a seating arrangement full of golden chairs for the guests. A gold chair decor looks very classy on its own and does not need a lot to give the best vibe.

Velvet Charm

Royalty and velvet goes hand in hand. Velvet chair decor looks luxurious and lavish and you can make it more appealing by adding golden accents to it.

We hope you got some ideas to get inspired for the chair decor at your wedding. It completely changes the entire look of the seating and venue looks much more lively when those chairs are rocking.

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