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Alluring Floral Table Decor Centerpieces to Lift Your Reception

by Harshita Sharma

A wedding checklist is a never-ending process and you are always bound to miss one thing or the other while planning a wedding. Floral table decor can instantly glam up your guest seating arrangements whether it’s a dinner table, or a reception table, and so on. You have booked the venue, you have decided on a wedding theme, invitation cards are sent out, and you feel relaxed. Not just yet! What about the little details you have missed out on while planning the bigger things.

Think no more, we have summed up the best floral table decor ideas for you to put up at a wedding. Check them out here without wasting any time looking for the ideas elsewhere.

Candles with Flowers

Floral table decor with lighted candles alongside creates a dreamy look to the table setting at a wedding. You can use any sort of candles including scented, unscented, floating, colored, and so on depending on the wedding theme you going for.

Bell Jar

If you want to fit more than one flower bunch at the wedding table, use a bell jar floral table decor to beautifully slide different ferns and florals inside a bell jar so your table looks clean and decorated through out the wedding.


Surprise your guests with a unique floral table decor when they get seated at your wedding. These tiny terrarium arrangements looks very impressive as a decor piece. They look like you have put in a lot of efforts and time into this table decor. You can create one in the form of a floral table decor, or opt for a more green terrarium to go with the wedding theme.

Gold Geometric Centerpieces

These gold geometric centerpieces are one of the best floral table decor choices for a modern wedding. They look very sophisticated yet adds the modern touch to the decor. You can experiment with a variety of different geometric shapes and see what works best for your decor.

Floral Table Runner

When you have longer than regular sized tables for guests and you wonder how are you going to fit everything without making it look clumsy, you can choose this floral table runner that looks grand on a table and keep things at place.

Floral Centerpiece Bridge

It’s very common to not have much space for any floral table decor. We have got something that looks even better than a regular floral table decor idea. These floral bridge setups looks eye catching at the weddings and they don’t use any of your table space which is a big plus.

Elevate the decor game by using any of these floral table decor ideas at a wedding and transform the space from a boring table setup into something truly beautiful.

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