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Simple Sanitizer Stations for Safe and No Germ Intimate Weddings

by Sanhita Roy

Surely a new norm for intimate weddings during the times of COVID 19 and also for a post-pandemic era, sanitizer stations would become the new normal in no time. You need to keep a corner dedicated to sanitizers for the safety of your guests and family members. The simple tagline being safety first follow it with celebration.

Here we have posted some quirky and offbeat sanitizer booth ideas for you that could definitely complement your sassy wedding decor!

Please stop caution board

The area is prepared crafty which is sure to draw attraction. The presentation is wonderful and the guests will love to get their hands sanitized with this set up.

With love and fully loaded!

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Presently a corner of an intimate wedding venue is surely reserved for sanitization kiosk. Isn’t this set up beautiful? This open sanitization station is ideal for intimate and backyard wedding venues.

Smart and cute sanitization station

Ensure guests are provided the opportunity to wash off germs and viruses as they enter your wedding venue. This cute looking station is a sure attraction to be loved by all the guest attendees.

Choices and aroma

An ideal set up of a wedding centerpiece table. Sanitization arrangements are ready in each table. The guests have the opportunity to sanitize their hands and then enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies.

Get everything here!

A cute presentation in the form of sanitization kiosk. The presentation is awesome and the guests will surely cherish it.

Woven basket and sanitizers

The white bottles and the brown basket, the contrast is just perfect and we can’t take our eyes off!

All-white setup for sanitizers

This all-white setup looks perfect, with those masks, badges and a sanitizer spray bottle. You can also add some liquid sanitizers in this setup.

Elegant Sanitizing Signboard

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This signboard can be that extra flair to your wedding in these tough times. Arrange the hygiene elements right in front of it to complete the decor.

Check out some amazing ceiling decor and floral centerpieces to light up your D day like nothing else!

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