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22 Mesmerising & Unique Ceiling Decor Ideas for Wedding Venue

by Tripti Jain

Small tit-bits need not be ignored as it tends to enhance the decor when it comes to the concept of the wedding function, and these include wedding ceiling decor. In fact, these small details are the ones that outshine and make the decor an outstanding aspect of your wedding. Every detail worth’s making a mammoth effect in all.

When it comes to the aspect of wedding ceiling decor on a mandap or stage or an entrance in a wedding venue, it is much more than some lining of few drapes. A real thought out and well-executed wedding ceiling creates a vibrant atmosphere that enhances the mood and sentiments of your grand wedding.

Here we some provided some impeccable ideas of wedding ceiling decor ideas which is sure to catch your imagination from all possible fronts.

Stunning Ceiling Decor

The contrast between green and lights are awesome. The guests are treated to a hip-swinging mood naturally under this decor. The festive mood of your wedding gets greatly enhanced under this ceiling.

Stunning ceiling artistry

The floor light beams falling on the arts and chandeliers of this ceiling decor creates an atmosphere of celebration. The guests get into a mood of celebration, dance, music, and drinks spontaneously.

Unique Ceiling Decor

A lavish and authentic ceiling decor which is sure to catch every eye. The pristine blue ambiance sets the right tone for a perfect wedding party.

Mesmerizing Ceiling Decor

The artworks of leaves, feathers, and lighting are the core of this ceiling decor. The prolific color and ambiance created are sure to catch every imagination of all your guest attendees.

Glistening and Shiny

The sparkling effect created by the arranged hanging lights is awesome from all fronts. The glistening shower of lights create a magic in mood uplift as it falls on the guests.

Over the Dance Floor

The key feature of this ceiling decor is its high-class golden chandelier. A magical and dreamy golden hue is created under which a dance floor may be just mind-blowing.

Classic and Elegant

Red, pink, grey, and other contrast colors of the floral used make this ceiling decor truly gorgeous. Strings of sparkling lights hanging in tandem are sure to make a great dance floor underneath. The guests will celebrate the wedding in a magical mood, swaying their hips.

Glittering and starry

The sparking dome-shaped lights hanging and glittering is creating a magical and divine spell. The guests are sure to be treated to a lifetime experience underneath it. Your wedding is sure to enhance to unexpected heights with grace and divinity.

Vintage and Unique

The arrangements of chandeliers and lights are traditionally simple and yet mesmerizing. Dinning under this ceiling presents a royal feeling which is sure to be appreciated by all guest attendees.

Check Patterned Outdoor Ceiling Drapes

This ceiling decor created in open space is simple with contrast drapes. The nature can be felt as you get wedded in this venue set up. Feel the grace being poured from the open top.

Graceful Central Drapes Fanning

The ceiling decor made of sky colored drapes is elegant and authentic. A ‘shamiana’ type of get up is ideal for a large gathering of friends and relatives.

Grand Ceiling Decor

Sit gossip and enjoy the wedding under this swanky ceiling decor. A gala time for friends, relatives and all the guest attendees to a very auspicious and prosperous wedding.

Butterflies and Flowers

The ceiling decor is perfect against the backdrop of this unique pinkish decor with butterflies. A perfect ambiance that amplifies the spirit of all the guests and attendees.

Suave Ceiling Decor

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The ceiling decor is suave and crisp. Artworks at the side and top are exquisite to create a perfect mood and sentiments among the guests – time for celebration.

Exquisite Ceiling Decor

The chandeliers and the blue-purple theme light makes this ceiling decor truly elegant and crafty. The guests get soaked into a dream like sequence under this magical cast.

Classy and Magnificent

Expensive and extravagant chandeliers in sync with magical lights create an ambiance of true grace and dignity. Your wedding is sure to be a blissful event with memories to be cherished for a long time.

Polished and Sophisticated

Varieties of rose, carnation and orchids are used in the making of this polished and sophisticated ceiling decor. The decor will enhance the bliss factor of your auspicious wedding.

All-floral and Majestic

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Creativity is the hallmark of this ceiling decor. A large arena for dance, music and parties will surely make your wedding a grand success and a much talked about celebration a long time thereafter.

Beautiful and Crafty

This beautiful ceiling decor made of hanging lights and foliage is sure to catch every imagination. Merrymaking, dining, and family interactions underneath it will surely make your wedding an event to talk about for a long time.

Flowers and Foliage Decor

Multiple floral chandeliers are the essence of this beautiful ceiling decor. Shades of lighting’s in between the chandeliers create a magical ambiance for an authentic dance and DJ setup for guest entertainment.

Graceful Leaves Decor & Lighting

This graceful ceiling decor have been created with floral setups and circular shaped artworks. It is sure to create magical ambiance and will certainly enrich your grand wedding.

Starry and Playful

An authentic ceiling decor enriched with Christmas art. This is an ideal set up for a white wedding, with holistic and sensational flair embedded in it.

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