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Swoon-Worthy Decor Inspo For Moroccan Wedding Theme

by Harshita Sharma

Weddings look even more exquisite when there are different cultures involved. Moroccan wedding is one such theme that changes the entire aura of the venue and creates a jaw-dropping decor for everyone invited to the wedding. If you want your wedding to look exceptional and outstanding, here are some of the best decor ideas to plan out a Moroccan wedding theme.

Ceiling Hanging

Tall ceilings are a great asset for hanging Moroccan lanterns. Traditional Moroccan lamps look splendid during the day and evening time on the top of the dinner table, guest seating, and even outdoor spaces.

Rug and Carpet

Moroccan weddings are incomplete without laid-out rugs and carpets throughout the venue. These colorful rugs add excitement to the wedding when they are placed on top of each other. Wedding aisles and guest seating are the most common places to lay out an extra layer of comfort on the ground.

Low Seating

Comfort and convenience is the key to a well planned Moroccan wedding. A lower seating arrangement with ottomans, pouffes, cushions and low-level tables brings all the guests together with the warm setup.


Classic centerpieces in Moroccan weddings are antique showpieces, traditional lanterns, gold and glass lamps, candle holders, and more. You can add other elements like flowers, candles, and garlands to the setup.


Moroccan-themed photobooths can carry anything from an outdoor seating arrangement in the canopy to a live embellished camel ready to greet you outside the venue.

Dinner Table

Elevate the look of your reception by incorporating Moroccan lanterns on dinner tables, along with green branches as a table runner and embroidered placemats.

Popping Colors

The majority of Moroccan weddings are filled with popping colors where you will witness colorful glass candles, multicolored drapes, colorful lights to fit in lanterns, and a variety of flowers to finish the look.

Now that you have a basic idea of how majestic Moroccan weddings are, do not forget to keep this decor list in mind while planning an outstanding Moroccan theme wedding.

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