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Celestial Wedding Decor Ideas For Your Starry Wedding

by Tripti Jain

We have got the perfect celestial wedding theme for all you star lovers. The shine of celestial lights is ready to reach you with numerous magical decor ideas for your wedding. If you and your partner are both a stargazer, this wedding theme is for you. For those of you who are not familiar with the celestial wedding theme, but are very excited to know more about it, keep on reading as we have created the best article where you will find everything you want to know about the celestial wedding theme.

Crescent Moon Photobooth

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This crescent moon photo booth looks absolutely amazing and works brilliantly as a backdrop for the couple’s wedding photoshoots as well as for the guests to enjoy the celestial wedding theme.

Hanging Stars

A celestial wedding is not complete until you see stars falling from the sky. Hanging a variety of star decor from the ceiling of your venue gives the whole place a starry vibe and you feel like you are walking in the sky.

Constellations Dinner Table

These constellations filled dinner sets looks breathtaking at the dinner table and doesn’t let you miss out on any small piece of decor for a celestial wedding.

Mystical Wedding Invitations

Every wedding starts with sending out the invitations to your guests. Take this opportunity to give them a a little snapshot of your upcoming celestial wedding.

Galaxy Cake

Wedding cake is one important element of a wedding. Everyone is waiting to look at the wedding cake and take pictures of the edible beauty. Decorate it with lights, night sky, and constellations to enjoy the best celestial cake.

Celestial Sign Boards

Invite your guests with a glimpse of welcoming celestial sign boards. They will enter your wedding in awe of it and will look forward to the upcoming events featuring the same theme.

Being the Star of the Night (Literally!)

Bridal dresses have a lot of scope when it comes to celestial wedding theme. You can go for a gown with a netted layer full of stars, go for a traditional lehenga with dark blue color to resemble the night sky in the evening event, and choose a light colored lehenga with constellations beaded all over it to top it all.

As an alternative to all the above decor ideas, you can go for numerous others as well if you have the time and budget for it. Some of the others are string light ceiling, themed wedding favors, celestial games, get a couple’s star constellation painted on a canvas for the guests to look at, or make a guest book out of it to make everyone sign on it, and more.

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