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Captivating Anand Karaj Ceremony Setups For Your Punjabi Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Anand Karaj ceremony is one of the most popular functions for Punjabi weddings. Anand Karaj is a religious ceremony and it has its own charm. Since it holds a lot of importance in Punjabi weddings, we have come up with a bunch of decor ideas for the Anand Karaj ceremony to create an eye-catching look.

Pastel Florals

Pastel-colored flowers decorated on canopies always look elegant. This floral setup works wonderfully for summer, spring as well as winter weddings. You can style it in a bohemian way by adding dried pampas grass along with a combination of beautiful pastel flowers. Floral setup also calls for a similar entrance for which you can add garlands on each side of the entrance up to the canopy.

Pink Power

All pink setup is very common when it comes to anand karaj ceremony in punjabi weddings. It looks refreshing and sophisticated. This unconventional colored setup also adds the warmth of popping pink and brightens up the whole setting. You can have pink drapes in different shades to cover the roof along with hot pink cushions, carpets, and wall hangings.

All White

The anand karaj ceremony looks even more auspicious and pure with the all white decor. You can add different colors in the setup but limit it to one or two light and warm colors at most. White flowing drapes can be installed to create the ceiling effect. Keep cream and white colored cushions for the guests to feel cozy and choose white, cream palette flowers to go with the theme.

Intimate Indoors

A beautiful function like anand karaj ceremony does not necessarily needs alot of space to look exquisite. You can easily organize it in your backyard, garden, or even in your living room. The indoor setup gives a very cozy feeling to the guests as well as to the wedding couple. Cover the floor with beddings and carpets to create more space for the guests and add cushions to it. You can also make it look more elegant by choosing a color theme and matching the canopy, cushions and carpets of the function.

Open Outdoors

There’s nothing more breathtaking than planning the anand karaj ceremony under open sky. You can be near the beach by the ocean, or in a farm with mountains as the backdrop. The colorful setup looks very appealing in the outdoor settings.

We know you want everything to look perfect in your entire wedding and as far as your anand karaj ceremony is concerned, pick any ideas from the list that suits your taste. You can mix and match the ideas for all the functions in your wedding to create a similar theme through out.

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