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Top 5 Pastel Wedding Dazzling Decor Ideas

by Tripti Jain

While you are brainstorming new decor ideas to go with a breezy summer or a spring wedding, think of elegant pastel wedding decor ideas to suit the entire color theme of the wedding. Pastel wedding themes give a romantic, minimalistic yet dreamy look to the wedding. We have found the perfect combination of decor ideas to go with your pastel wedding.

Flowing Drapes

What else do you need when you can just turn on the magic by long drapes of pastel fabric and put them around at your pastel wedding where the most amount of the guests will use for comfort and cozyness.

Invitation Cards and Favors

Wedding invitations are the first glimpse at your wedding for all the up-and-coming guests. Go with a pastel color sheet or fabric, add some dried flowers, laces, and more. You can even plan a pastel scheme for all the wedding favors including cup cakes, macarons and more.

Seating Arrangement

You have plenty of seating arrangements to start with. You can tie different pastel fabric to a chair to create a boho look. It is cost efficient and doesn’t take much time. If you want more, take some pastel flowers and attach them with the chair to give a sophisticated look.

Photo Booth

If you think pastels are too sober for anything bold, you are wrong. You can shuffle up the color palette and create a canvas of darkest to lightest pastel colors. This looks very bright and charming at a venue full of pastels. You can give a carefree look to the photo booths by wrapping different pastel shades randomly and adding boho elements if that’s what you like.

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements never go out of style at any wedding. They are truly the life of any wedding. You will need flowers for every function, and most of the decor ideas. Some of the most common ways you can use pastel color flowers at your pastel wedding are table centre pieces, bouquets, flower creepers, and more.

When it comes to a pestal wedding, the more, the better. In case of an outdoor wedding. you can also add in some greenery to create a whole new look which is no less than a wonderland for a pestal wedding. Pestal wedding themes are not very difficult to create, just look for the right elements for your wedding and you are done.

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