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Awesome Photo Booth Ideas for Cherished wedding Selfies and Allfies

by Tripti Jain

You will barely find a wedding that doesn’t have a single photo booth in the entire venue these days. Having photo booths is a very common wedding decor idea. They are a place where friends and family get together to enjoy, live in the moment and have fun. A good photo booth always comes with a laugh around vibe with it.

Here is the collection of the best photo booth ideas that can make a boring wedding lively within seconds and keep the environment light and happy.

Cane Basket Booth

Cane basket photo booths gives a refreshing vibe to the whole wedding and is perfect for a summer wedding.

Bus Booth

Bus photo booths are a new wedding trend where decor companies hire a bus booth to craft a unique spot for photos.

Rustic Booth

Rustic photo booths have a balance of green and woody elements like barrels, crate to give a beautiful look.

Marquee Booth

Marquee photo booth ideas are signature booths that are used in almost every wedding now. They are mainly installed outdoors to give an illuminating effect in the evening.

Modern Booth

Modern photo booths are very quick, and easy to install at the weddings. These look pretty with the minimalistic details and are best for couples who don’t want to go overboard with photo booths.

Vintage Booth

Vintage photo booth ideas create a whole different vibe in the wedding. They take you to a different world with all the setup.

Boho Booth

Bohemian photo booths are light, moody photo booths that look best when created for a themed wedding. They are used a lot because they look great in both indoor and outdoor settings. They provide one of a kind view for all the guests at the wedding. These boho photo booths look even more attractive when natural and earthy elements like jute baskets, wooden structures, garlands, greenery, and light-colored flowers are added to the frame.

Wedding photo booths come in different shapes and styles. Take inspiration from the above mentioned booth ideas and choose what suits best according to your wedding preferences.

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