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#Timeless trends: Fancy and Elegant Mirror Decor and Welcome Signs

by Tripti Jain

Intimate weddings are the talk of the town these days and the mirror decor ideas can fit right in! Mirrors totally change the outlook of decor and reflecting light can also add up to your sassy photos. They are used to create a distinctive point, add glamour to a windowless wall, make a statement, or blend into the background and help the rest of your decor to shine.

From welcome boards to seating arrangements, check out some fancy and elegant mirror decor ideas.

Transparent and scribbled

A wedding song inscribed mirror is sure to catch every imagination. A unique piece of decor essential and must-have for a rich backyard wedding.

Quirky bar mirror decor

A call for happy and merry times. Stage perfect for the guests to enjoy and celebrate and be a part of a memorable experience of a truly grand wedding.

All white and elegant

An elegant mirror with a touching inscription. All set for a great journey called life.

For that extra flair

This stylish mirror in open is of different matrix altogether. Graceful calligraphy is perfect to set the tone of a great wedding celebration.

Grand and extravagant

Just present your guests with a dazzling experience to be remembered a lifetime. A visual treat as they walk through, sure to have a lasting impression of a grand wedding.

With a timeless look

Wedding signage inscribed on this masterly artistic mirror. Elegant and rustic this piece of decor is sure to catch every imagination.

For the love of food

Awesome desserts with vintage mirror in backdrop. Treat your guests with a royal ambience and get your wedding organized aesthetically.

Classy wedding mirror

The macrons get highlighted in this authentic wedding mirror. What a great platter to choose from. Your wedding is sure of a grand celebration.

Roses and mirror

A unique personalized entrance mirrors sure to catch every eye that falls on it. A style icon for a grand wedding to be in memories for a long time.

Mirrors for the seating arrangements

Fonts and Flourishes, Write It Out Loud

Isn’t this great idea and perfect look for your wedding. An exemplary calligraphy inscription mentioning the seating chart of the guests. The gorgeous outlook sets the tone of a grand celebration.

Write It Out Loud, Envison Megan, ccronin

Some vibrant colors never hurt anybody and it is truly amazing if you combine it with dazzling mirror decors!

Welcome Signs

This prototypical mirror spells class with welcome inscriptions made with removable vinyl. Welcoming your guests with this decor is class and etiquette apart.

Welcome signage perhaps has never been so classy before. Signage sets the tone of a fantastic and eventful wedding with its true worth.

Alley of mirrors

This arrangement of floral designs and mirrors is sure to create visual nostalgia. The guests are sure to have a stunning experience as they move through this specially designed walkaway. Specially for the pictures this decor is going be blast in your wedding.

Oh! So unique

A visual treat of ultimate glamour and glitz. Washington leaves with golden hue is sure to create a magical spell, a must for an auspicious wedding.

Vision board photobooth

A vision board par excellence. A stage set with the perfect ambiance of fun, all set to make grand wedding memories of which remain for a long time.

Check out everything about floral decor and get to the planning of your D day right away!

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