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Gorgeous and Unique Wedding Centerpieces for the Gala Dinner

by Sanhita Roy

The table decorations for the grand wedding dinner are sure to be the main attraction and the unique wedding centerpieces must win the show! Immense focus and time need to be given so that the best comes out of it. Unique centerpieces are the main aspects of the table decorations as it brings out the oomph factor. Items like unique dinnerware, table cloths, candles, or flowers when kept in the right places is sure to cast a magical spell in the eyes of the guests.

Here we have listed some unique centerpieces for you to choose from.

Centerpiece imagination beyond flowers, a rustic way!

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These rustic centerpieces are simply classic. Your flair for decoration and artistic sense is sure to get enhanced. They will be surely appreciated by the guests present on your wedding day.

Pearl Sphere Centerpiece

Pearl embedded a gorgeous centerpiece a visual treat to every eye. The candle glare adds the extra subtle soothing effect that emits from this decor.

Gorgeous feathered looks

rentmywedding, Feathers by angel

So candid and unique isn’t it? These feather pieces are sure to make your wedding day reach great heights from the glamour point of view.

A sweet bell jar centerpiece

Absolutely awesome and glamorous isn’t it? Try them and watch your wedding decoration becoming an ultimate decoration of glamour and class.

Magical orchid in purple

Mind-blowing rare orchids in glassware are sure to catch every imagination. When placed in the center of the centerpiece table, it is sure to have an effect of class and ultimate status.

Classic pink and yellow

Authentic and classic isn’t it? The yellow flowers and vases with natural pink roses on top has a mesmerizing effect. The guests will surely admire your choice.

Simple and elegant decor

These tall elegant centerpieces with white flowers, when placed in the center of the dining table, are sure to cast a magical spell. The guests attending the dinner will surely find them glued to its beauty for quite some time.

Let’s work with fruits!

Wow, a unique concept, isn’t it? Original peach decorated with rare orchids in tandem is authentic and a perfect visual treat. The guests will surely appreciate the ambiance of this decor.

It’s all about making it grand!

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A grand wedding means a grand celebration. Grand centerpieces are the key features of this celebration. These decors are simply mind-blowing and authentic which will make your guests admire your etiquette class and choice.

Crafty and elegant centerpiece

The decor is so crafty and imaginative, isn’t it? Fresh flowers with the candid metallic circular disc is surely a visual treat to every eye that falls on it.

A big white tree!

The layout and designs are so innovative, isn’t it? Wonderful stands arranged in rows with floral extensions are really unique and outstanding. A visual treat to every eye that looks at it.

OH! A splash of colors on the table

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Authentic awesome superb you may falter on words to express them. Colors represent vibrancy in its true sense and wedding celebrations are all about it. These unique centerpieces will surely lift the celebration spirit to dizzy heights.

No flowers and all-glam

This circular shaped metallic centerpiece is unique and glamorous. A visual treat for your guests which is sure to be appreciated for its uniqueness and glam.

A garden of leaves!

A spectacular idea implemented in a crafty way. Mosses foliage and fresh flowers arranged in an artistic manner is sure to catch the imagination of all your guests.

With a colorful circular top

The glass decor in the center is simple yet elegant isn’t it? The glass stand constituting mind blowing strings of cyan colored artificial flowers with awesome looking ribbon in the top is a real visual treat.

White oval and flowers

Wow, what a combination of red and white! Blooming red orchids in the center of this white decor, candles, and decorations with blue ribbons in the periphery of the table make for a real visual bonanza. Your guests will surely appreciate your choice.

Check out some more unique elements to glam-up your D day. You can also find the complete guide for floral decor right here!

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