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Cultural Mandap and Stage Decors for picture perfect shots of your wedding

by Tripti Jain

The wedding mandap and stage make for the major part of your wedding theme, after all you spent a lot of time exchanging vows, garlands, or rings. Being the centre of attraction, its decorations and arrangements catch the eye of the guests and is the miraculous background of all your photographs. The color combination of the decor creates a subtle impact and the same reverberates throughout the wedding. 

Mandaps and stages are created in a particular way across different cultures, keeping in mind their rituals. The couples get married with the fire element being the celestial witness to it. The stage decors are equally important as they are nothing less than the photo booths for the couple of the day! Whether it is the wedding reception or some ritual after the vows, a perfect stage decor is very important.

Check out some amazing mandap and stage decor ideas that would highlight your culture and beliefs majestically.

Tamil Wedding

A decorated and elevated Mandap with fabrics. A spacious Mandap with a floral touch. The bells swinging spells of auspicious muhurtam for the wedding.

An intricate and glamorous stage setting with swing for the couple. It is surrounded by statue of lord Ganesha, a deity in a Tamil marriage. The jhula is built for the couple’s jhula ceremony.

A majestic and exquisite wedding mandap. The interior decors are mesmerising and are sure to make your wedding day an extravagent affair and yes, the photos are going to be great! You can also perform Nichayathartham ( engagement ) in this amazing set up.

Bengali Wedding Mandap and Stage

Rose and Rajnigandha flowers used to make this incredible decor. The auspicious Laxmi Ghot is the highlight of a bengali mandap. It is sophisticated and elegant, poised to make your wedding day.

The exquisitely designed stage is sure to make your wedding experience a dream of a lifetime. The designs are made out of white floral and golden setups where you can host the boubhat ceremony followed by a grand reception.

Marathi Wedding

This fascinating mandap made of numerous flowers is a treat to every eye. This will surely make your wedding an experience of a lifetime as you engage in the antarpat ritual and vow to live as one soul throughout life.

This glamorous mandap is made with fresh flowers. The subtle fragrance of the flowers will create a magic spell on your esteemed wedding as the traditional diya’s tends to create a divine ambiance.

This simple outdoor mandap has a class in it. The Marathi rituals underneath it in open with celestial “Sakshi” is sure to make your day surrounded by friends and family.

Punjabi Wedding

This awesome mandap is an authentic place to wear the traditional ‘Varmala’ in the midst of family members and friends. Get soaked in blessings and good wishes from them.

A traditional wedding decor gets lightened with the presence of friends and close relatives. Engage in the holy Varmaala ceremony and mangal Phere with the majestic decor in the background.

An all glam stage setup for a lavish Punjabi wedding is everything you need for some amazing wedding clicks. Amidst the white floral decor, your gorgeous lehengas and sherwanis would shine!

Sikh Wedding

This mandap is unique in style to carry out the ‘Anand Karaj’. The daughter being given to the Sikh groom as a blissful union. 

 This mandap is an attire in itself. The ‘Gurbani’ hymns create an ambiance for the couple to lead a blissful life ahead.

This mandap spells glamour and attire. It makes for a great way to conduct your Anand Karaj in your backyard. Get soaked into the holy lavaan pheras with your partner in this and make your dream day the most memorable one.

Muslim Wedding

An elegant nikkah decor which is sure to make your day. Get married with the grace of Almighty being bestowed on you and your soulmate.

Cool and enchanting tincture of blush and sparkle paired with greens and white to commence on the journey of a lifelong romance.

Isn’t it amazing to celebrate your nikkah day with this elegant decor? Get soaked in the bliss and attire of this amazing stage decor while you carry on with the nikkah reception.

English Wedding

The year 2020 is sure to make us very strong after these tiring times. Strong couples deserve the best of ambiance in wedding. This befitting decor is sure to make your day with great wedding photos. 

Glass curios and floral grace are sure to lighten the core of your wedding. Get soaked in the tranquility of this graceful decor while you get married on this special day.

Love is in the air. Make your wedding a memorable and graceful once in a life event of your life. This decor is sure to facilitate this event – the wedding day. 

Wedding are no doubt the most memorable days of our lifetime and it has to be perfect in every sense. These gorgeous mandap and stage decor ideas would not only highlight your culture, but also notch up your glam statement.

You can also check out some unique mandap ideas and get to the planning right away!

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