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13 Stunning Backyard Decor Ideas for Intimate Weddings

by Tripti Jain

According to the survey by The Knot 2019, backyard weddings are on the rise and would soon secure its place in prominent wedding affairs. We cannot agree more with this, there is no place like home and it would be lovely if one of the most special days in everyone’s life is spent amidst the priceless homely vibe!

One gets all the privacy they need and if you think a backyard wedding cannot be grand, then get ready to burst that bubble. With the correct theme and decor, a simple garage can be changed to a luxurious setup.

There are numerous options when you host a backyard wedding in the comfort of your own intimate space. This ensures zero cost on the venue and no design restrictions on the decor to be set up. You can ideally decorate your backyard to host your dream wedding.

Conduct all your nuptials and exchange promises with a sentimental backyard wedding.
We are here to help you with 13 stunning backyard decor ideas for an intimate weddings so that you can get to the planning faster!

Mesmerising Surroundings

This design is all about mesmerising natural splendour with lavish décor in the backdrop of mind-blowing landscapes. Sans tablecloths, the bare wood, and vases of lush eucalyptus perfectly blend with the scenery is a treat to the eyes of guest attendees. The subtle and vibrant flair of the wedding is sure to ooze out to its potential best in such a backdrop. Isn’t it a perfect setup for an intimate wedding?  

Picture Perfect Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea Designs are mesmerising and enhance the true spirit of a grand yet intimate wedding. Embrace the authenticity of this decor which is sure to catch every eye of the guest attendees. Floral decors with majestic seating arrangements crafted gracefully carve out the best of you in your wedding.

Outdoor Tables Soaked in Colours

A visual treat of colors to your alfresco cocktail hour with tables draping in printed linens would be the perfect setup for an intimate rehearsal dinner. The floral prints have charming elegance which is the essence of the countryside along with the grand ambiance of the city. The holistic wedding flair gets served out drenched in the majestic blue and is sure to catch every eye!

Seating Ideas In decor

It is important to consider guests when deciding what seating is right for your wedding. This seating arrangement carries inspiration and let’s say it, the right seating can make for a comfortable, inclusive, and beautiful Shaadi ceremony memories which can be cherished for a lifetime.

Plants as table Centerpiece

Potted plants enhance the decor and create a stunning centerpiece display. Few decorative plants, baby fruit-bearing trees, and herbs from a local garden are sure to yield a visual masterpiece to every eye that looks at it. Use beautiful centerpieces to decorate the gala dinner table right at your backyard and enjoy your wedding night in the lap of nature!

Divine front presence

If you have a cemented backyard amidst trees, take advantage of the surroundings, and create a divine mandap. You can accomplish this look by incorporating a beautiful gate-like structure as a major decor setup.  The perfect Asian wedding setup, the highlights here would be the organic structure and the seating arrangements that make a statement with a lasting impression.

Garden Romance

An authentic garland with ravishing pastel florals and vintage candelabras is sure to create a magical mood of garden romance. Subtle powdery tones look elegant with the richness of the sturdy wood furniture. The sequence is sure to bring out the best of the wedding which is unparalleled of any grandeur.

Grand ritual layout

Consider the ambiance of the surroundings and create a majestic mandap with the classic Kalash theme. You can accomplish this look by implementing the mid area front for ritual as a major decor setup.  You don’t need hills in the backdrop to make a statement, just a small backyard and you have the memory of a lifetime!

Escort Cards with leaves

Escort cards with leaves are sure to complement a backyard wedding, They are economical as well. You can pluck leaves from a tree right in the backyard to make these cards. A touch of calligraphy is sure to create these mind-blowing escort cards. One can give it a subtle feminine aspect with pink bows which is sure to bring out the esthetic flair.

Captivating Decor for a Sikh Wedding

Weddings are once a lifetime affair in one’s life. The picture idea depicts this captivating grand ambiance of a Sikh wedding which is sure to catch every eye of the guest attendees. The magical and mesmerizing flair flows with this type of backyard decoration ideal for a grand Sikh wedding where you seek the blessings of Wahe Guru. Sink into the subtle grandness with this setup.

The layout of Banquet Tables

Backyard weddings are all about guests who become families. The seating arrangements for dinner reception need to take care of it by bringing everyone together with a unique family-style. Decorated lengthy banquet tables, and slightly more narrow king’s tables, is sure to provide the warmth and communal tone that would be the essence of your intimate wedding!

Majestic Decor And Scenic Background

Contemplate the ambiance of the scenic background and create a mesmerizing and authentic decor. The decor and the seating arrangements, with those pink curtains and customized chairs, making a style statement with a subtle feeling that can always be cherished. You don’t need to be surrounded by coconut trees, a spacious, countryside backyard would do!

Simplistic Yet Holistic Decor

A playdate of roses and green leaves- the perfect setup for an intimate wedding at your backyard.  Pair the frame with majestic chairs or set up a classic Mandap for your wedding vows.  We especially admire how this simplistic ritual place and the seating arrangements can make a holistic statement with minimal effort!

Backyard intimate weddings are more personalised event than conventional Indian weddings and all the guests are sure to get gathered in this backyard wedding area and shower their blessings as the memories of this wedding will be cherished for years ahead. So, once you are done going through our ideas, do let us know your favourite one in the comments!


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