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Creative Couple Wedding Signs and One-Liners

by Tripti Jain

Any millennial wedding is incomplete without a few dedicated hashtags, couple monograms, and signposts. After all, a wedding should be able to tell the guests at least a little something about you as a couple. Using wedding signs is a great idea to pour some light on your bonding as a couple. It’s a fun, creative, and quirky way to share your love for one another in front of everyone invited to the wedding. Now that you know why you need this at a wedding, let’s dive into some of the best couple wedding signs out there.

Floral Neon Sign 

These floral backdrops with a neon sign in front looks eccentric. Floral arrangements wrapped around different sized frames and structures with your wedding sign in the centre looks mesmerizing. You can also go for green back walls and lush decor if you want to skip the florals.

Electric Boho

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The famous love sayings looks magnificent in a romantic bohemian setup. These wedding signs take you down the memory lane for the couple’s love story. The vibe of this setup is really overwhelming. This can include anything which is special between the two of you or something that you have always felt like when you are with your partner.

Monogram Sign

Monogram wedding signs are one of the most common ones out there. This is because of the reason that they are so easy to design and come up with. When you are confused and can’t come up with any sign. This will float your boat with the simple yet beautiful couple initial and name monograms.

Marquee Sign

Marquee wedding sign is a staple at every wedding. There is something magical about looking at a couple’s name in marquee letters. They come in a variety of sizes according to your preferences but the bigger ones look fabulous hands down specially during the night events.

Couple Hashtag

Wedding hashtag signs are the most recent trend for the millennial weddings. Creating a wedding hashtag as a couple is an excellent way of keeping all the memories related to the weddings alive online so you do not miss any moment of your special day. Let your guests know what should be trending on social media with displaying it as a wedding sign.

Couple wedding signs gives a wholesome feeling to the wedding. There is something dreamy about showcasing a couple’s love for each other throughout the wedding using these signs. It is a core decor element at every wedding and you must not miss it at yours.

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