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Edible Wedding Favors For Your Guests to Cherish

by Tripti Jain

Weddings are not finished until you shower your guests with the best wedding favor. There are countless options to pick, but hear us out. Edible wedding favor is a growing trend in the industry and if you love the idea of treating your guests will something delicious food, you can create the best hamper by putting in a little extra time and budget. Here are some of the most popular edible wedding favor choices you can pick out of:


Donuts is the easiest option to go with if you don’t wanna spend too much time on the selection. They are loved by everyone. Get anything from glazed, cinnamon, chocolate, sprinkle, the list can go on. You can pick different toppings for different groups according to their likings to make it really personalized.

Mason Jar and Pot

Did you know little pots and mason jars can carry wonders inside them? The options include mousse jar, healthy cereal jar, flavored jams, the options are endless. At the end, choose a packaging that goes with your wedding theme.

Themed Cookies

A cookie is closest to everyone’s heart. Get personalized cookies designed for your wedding. You can experiment with the shapes, colors, flavors, with your wedding monogram on the top of it.

Brewed Booze

It’s never enough booze at a wedding party. But what’s more exciting than that? Getting away from the wedding with more booze as wedding favors. Sign off your guests with small quantities of special drinks including locally brewed beer, expensive champagne or more.

Comfort Food

It’s always good to give handy edible wedding favors to the guests that they can try as soon as they get it. If your wedding venue has any specialty like sweet churros, hot garlic fries, caramelized popcorn, fresh strawberries, sugary pies, grab some pouches and wrap these goodies up so that everybody can enjoy on their way back.

Family Packs

Boxes full of macarons, chocolates, coffee beans are very popular wedding favors to gift. You can also prepare individual boxes for families and friends to enjoy the yumminess together.

Gifting edible wedding favor also works as a reminder of the wedding location if it’s a destination wedding. You can simply gift any snack the place is known for. It’s a thoughtful and memorable gift to thank all your guests with .

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