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Impressive Wedding Bar Themes and Setup Ideas

by Tripti Jain

You can never go wrong with weddings that have a bar set up for the guests. Bar areas attract almost everyone present at the wedding. Bar counters are the life of wedding parties because they are the go-to spot for friends, family, and all other guests for the whole event. This reason itself calls for some of the best wedding bar decor ideas.

Mini Caravan Bar

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Ruby Hart
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Ruby Hart
Britt Nilsson and Jeremy Byrne’s wedding, California, September 2017. (Amy Vafa / Vafa Photography)
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Amy Vafa

These mobile vans showcase a unique wedding bar setup that provides crafty drinks and cocktails to guests. The good thing about using vans for bar decor is that they can be parked anywhere in the venue providing easy access to the guests. This moving caravan bar is an extraordinary way to serve drinks to your wedding guests and make a statement to remember. The bar comes fully functional most of the time but the setup comes in multiple packages including glassware, drinks, decor, bartenders, waiters, and more as much as your pocket allows.

Rustic Bar

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Rustic bars with wooden elements like barrels, crates, boards and a marquee bar sign gives an astonishing vibe to the bar. To make it even more charming, adding crystal chandeliers on the roof of the bar is definitely a place to hang out at a wedding.

Modern Bar

Modern wedding bar setups are done indoors and outdoors. They generally include a combination of a green background, golden wedding signs, glass decor with a bunch of flower decor. They look sophisticated and modern at the same time. If you are not sure which bar setup to go with, this is the one.

Open Bar

Open bars are designed in such a way that the guests can go up to the bar and pour drinks for themselves as and when they like. Open bar setup is a happy place to be around at a wedding. It further glorifies the atmosphere of the wedding by being a lively place throughout the event. You can opt for an option to not have any bartenders appointed to serve the drinks. These bar setups are best for intimate and private weddings.

Monogram Bar

These bars are the focus point of the weddings with extravagant decorations. They showcase the wedding mono and hashtags on the bar to make the setup a place to remember.

Illuminating Bar

Impressive Wedding Bar Themes and Setup Ideas, The 24 Best Country Wedding Ideas
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Illuminating bars are one of the most whimsical bar setups you can have at a wedding. A ceiling full of string lights, an illuminating bar in front is perfect for any evening decor.

If you have a wedding bar at the venue, remember that this place is going to be one of the busiest ones throughout the reception. While choosing the wedding decor and elements, having a wedding bar setup at the venue is never a bad decision.

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