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Trending Wedding Favor Ideas for a Wedding

by Tripti Jain

Giving away wedding favors is a humble way of thanking all the guests for attending the wedding. It’s always a good idea to show your gratitude towards the guests by showering them with gifts. Finding the best wedding favor is fun and you can experiment a lot with this using your creativity and ideas. To get more inspiration, here are some of the best ideas for you.


Candles are a classic gift to give away as a wedding favor. They never go out of style and you can never have enough candles. They transform the ambience of any place without many efforts. Choose candles as a gift packaged in small-sized jars.


Perfumes are a great wedding favor to gift. Thank your guests with a small sachet of perfume to leave them with the memory of your wedding. Next time whenever they will use the same perfume, they are going to remember your special day for sure.


This may not seem like a perfect wedding favor to you at first. But a little booze doesn’t hurt anyone and at the least, it makes things more interesting and fun. Remind your close ones to continue having some fun in life at times by giving them any classic drink.


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Macarons is a wedding favor that everyone looks forward to. Good things like a wedding should always end on a sweet note. The guests will always appreciate a sweet gesture in the form of macarons at the end of a wedding.


If you are one of those couple who are interested in conserving environment and spreading the message accross all your guests. Make a positive impact by taking this initiative and you are surely going to get a lot of appreciation.

Handmade Soap

In the recent years, the trend for gifting handmade soaps have become really extensive in the weddings. It is a great idea to use as a wedding favor to pamper the guests will some natural handmade soaps.

From edible wedding favors to decorative favors, you have plenty of options to incorporate into planning the best gift. Another important step is to keep your packaging interesting and attractive. In the end, your guests are going to be happy for you no matter what wedding favor you choose.

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