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24 Enchanting Floral Mandap Decor for Planning OTT Indian Wedding

by Tripti Jain

A wedding is a once in a time and the most important event of your life. Certainly, it needs to be celebrated in grand style.

Now how to approach it? You and your soulmate decide on the guest list which includes your close friends and relatives, then the dress aspect. The makeup aspect, venues and so on-the list is endless. In it do not miss the aspect of decor. It is crucial and the decor is the important aspect that makes your wedding high in the glam quotient and what is more beautiful than lots and lots of flowers? Let’s make the D day memorable with some stunning floral Mandap decor!

Here we have suggested some enchanting floral Mandap decor ideas for you to choose from. Go ahead and make your wedding memorable and out of the box celebration.

Mesmerizing floral Mandap

Your dream floral mandap by the beach. Isn’t it great getting wedded with nature as a witness to this auspicious phenomenon? Get soaked in tranquility of this Mandap.

Enthralling pink mandap

A new life together with your soulmate takes off in style and glamour. This authentic floral Mandap stands a witness to it.

Wonderful bougonvalia decor

Elements of uncertainty vanishes and certainty crepes in as you get wedded under this decor. Get wrapped in blissfulness with your soulmate

Graceful indoor mandap

Stunning floral hangings from the ceiling creates a special magical ambiance to this decor. An incredible wedding experience is sure on the cards.

Miraculous decor setup

Get soaked in subtle grace of nature. This decor setup is in sync with nature as it bestows its grace on the newly wed couple.

Garland fantasy decor

Feel the celestial grace as you get wedded under this decor. The extra long garlands and golden colored background are the flair of this decor.

Poised wedding mandap

Floral decor created with artistic elegance. Feel the romantic vibrations as you tie the knot to your soulmate in this stunning decor!

Adorned decor with class

Mesmerizing setup which is sure to catch every eye. The floral chandelier depicts artistic quality which also enhances the beauty of multicolored flowers in this amazing decor.

Glorious decor for a white wedding

This decor has elegance and beauty crafted in it. Gracious union of two minds can be witnessed here, amidst the ravishing white decor.

Luxuriant decor by the pool

The decor crafted with bountiful flowers and garlands. The color combination is the aesthetic aspect of the decor which emits subtle romance in the air. Get soaked in it as you tie the knot to your soulmate.

Marvelous wedding decor

The decor with perfect combination of green and white. A perfect and soothing aura all around with those white flowers and an enchanting decor!

Spectacular wedding mandap

This decor is being skillfully crafted to give this spectacular look. Get soaked in serene vibration of these pink blooms as you get wedded.

Roses and petals

The color combination of fresh roses petals and marigold is the essence of this mandap. The chandelier adds the extra zing factor to it. Ideal for an English wedding.

Pristine violet Mandap

The floral designs and colors create a pristine aura. Romance is in the air as you perform the wedding ritual in this decor.

All-white and Romantic

The decor is enriched with a romantic flair. The wedding is sure to get blissful when you exchange the ring in this romantic ambiance.

Traditional and lavish Mandap

This traditional decor has luxury and grace engraved in it. Immersed in grace your wedding is sure to be an event of life amidst the color of love.

Seraphic decor by the sea

With sunset in the horizon this beach decor looks stunning isn’t it? A prolific wedding full of happiness gets manifested here in presence of family and friends.

Red- the color of love

The contrast of pink, red and blue tinge of the sea casts a magical spell. Your wedding gets poised with this magical grace of the canopied Mandap.

Pink and white decor

Traditional sanskari mandap on the beach. Great location for Hindu destination wedding. Floral replica of Lord Ganesha creates a divine ambiance.

Outstanding Lord Ganesha indoor decor

The decor is classy and ideal for luxury resorts. The flair of the decor is in harmony with the ambiance of the resort. Get soaked with the grace of Lord Ganesha as you get wedded.

Lavishly crafted floral mandap

The floral artwork of the decor is simply mind-blowing. A divine ambiance is created and you get soaked in divine grace.

Dignified wedding mandap

The contrast created by crafted structures and drapes is simply mind-blowing. A traditional dignified wedding is in the offering in front of tranquil waters.

Classic wedding mandap

This wedding decor by the beach spells class in itself. The floral color hue drapes and chandelier add the extra zing.

Vintage wedding mandap

The mandap is classy and elegant and all the credits go to the multi-colored extravagance. Get married in traditional galore in the auspicious presence of family and friends.

After taking you through this amazing collection of floral Mandaps, we hope you have chosen your favorite! Check out some more beach Mandaps and indoor Mandaps and get to the planning right away.

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