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12 Gorgeous Mandap Decor For Beach Weddings

by Tripti Jain

Beach weddings are surely an emerging trend in the modern world irrespective of culture and country borders. It’s not like the conventional wedding and all you have to enhance the beauty of the stunning backdrop is an impeccable Mandap decor. You cannot compromise on the Mandap look and it must outshine all!

The serene tranquility and romance exude from every crystal sand of the beach. Imagine you and your soulmate hand in hand vowing to lead an exuberant life and a memorable future with the vastness of the sea as the witness.

The breezy air is sure to create magic in the air and the wedding ambiance will be ecstatic to the eyes of every guest. The natural charm is enticing and cannot be compared with traditional mandaps. The vastness of the sea the natural color of the surrounding will enhance the qualities of pictures and videos of your wedding and the memories of the same can be cherished for a lifetime. 

Check out 12 Gorgeous Mandap Decor Ideas For Beach Weddings and plan a dreamy beach wedding!

Beach Mandap in White

White is the most soothing color for a wedding. The color itself creates magic. The mandap is enriched with pink flowers properly curated, designed, and placed to create a magical ambiance.

Baby Pink beach Mandap

The arrangement and design of the mandap are sure to set the tone of your graceful beach wedding. Carpet grass and the decorative flowers enhance the flair of the mandap.

A mystic beach mandap

This beautiful beach mandap is ideal for an Indian wedding in any Indian beaches. The mandap has an aura of creativity and mysticism in it. It is sure to bring divine grace to your wedding.

Majestic and Magnificant Mandap

Beach weddings need to be glamorous and majestic from all fronts. This mandap decor is sure to make your wedding truly majestic and can be set up by the beach, amidst the golden sands!

Pink and White Pontoon Mandap

The mandap is set up on a strong pontoon in the lake type waterbody. Tranquil water is sure to create magic for your grand wedding. Water in the background will make sure of mind-blowing wedding photographs and videos.

Lavender draped beach Mandap    

The picturesque location and mesmerizing lavender drape in front of the clear sea is the hallmark of this stunning mandap. White flowers and candles in huge glass holders are nothing short of a dream to complement your grand wedding.

Beach Mandap with Banana Leaves

Exquisite use of od banana leaves is made to build this mandap. Banana leaves are auspicious in an Indian wedding. They are believed to create an everlasting bond between you and your soulmate and let’s say it, they look gorgeous here!

Chandeliers and Grandeur

Luscious white color enriched beach mandap is sure to make your wedding day. Get soaked in grace vehicle together with the chandeliers trying the nuptial rites in this amazing setting.

A Luxurious Setup

This mandap has class etiquette and lavishes enveloped in itself. Get married in this luscious and auspicious venue in the midst of your family and friends.

Mandap and Mangal Kalash

This classy beach mandap is a simple decoration with traditional flair. Mangal Kalash highlights Indian weddings which signify prosperity throughout the life of the couple. 

A classic Podium

This classic mandap is built on a pontoon type structured podium. The isle is decorated with expensive floral decor pieces on the sides. The central part is decorated with flowers and luxurious seats that are arranged for the wedding rituals. 

White and Vintage Mandap

This white beach mandap is sure to create bliss in the atmosphere. The floral structures and the seat layout is sure to make your wedding a blissful event.

Beach weddings are always vibrant and full of life, and these Mandap decor ideas would surely add that spark to your special day. You can also check out Indoor Mandap decor ideas and choose your favorite! 

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