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Dreamy Coastal Wedding Decor Ideas to Tie the Knot

by Harshita Sharma

If you want a wedding beside the sea but beach wedding is not exactly what you are looking for. We have the perfect wedding theme for you in that case, a coastal wedding. A coastal wedding is a good option for a winter wedding. Some special decor elements make a wedding perfect. Coastal wedding themes have decor items related to the sea such as artificial starfish, seashells, sand, rocks, wood, and coral centerpieces. Here is a list of decor ideas to inspire you for planning the best wedding theme.


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Arches have the ability to transform the whole wedding ceremony. Coastal wedding offers a variety of options for arch setups. Vintage arches with wild grass, white roses, green trails and wooden structures look very natural. You can incorporate white drapes wrapped around wooden arches with a bunch of flowers to make it even more pretty.

Wood and Glass

If you are more intrigued with contemporary and modern decor for the wedding while it still looks natural, this wooden and glass theme is for you. The combination of glass, mirrors, and wooden decor makes the theme look effortless and classy.

Coastal Seating

The variety of patterns and textiles softened what otherwise would be an ultra modern affair. Guests seating is an important part of the coastal wedding to decorate as it holds the attention of all the guests for a long time. You can go with wooden chairs, glass chairs, ocean themed dinner sets in blue color, modern floor lamps. A seperate floor seating arrangement with earthy elements, rugs, pillows, and string lights makes the night time events more intimate and fun.

Floral Hanging

When you are planning an indoor coastal wedding, go for these floral hangings for making the whole venue look mesmerizing. They can also be installed above the dinner table, and in outdoor settings if you want to take it to the next level.

Sea Shell Placement

Add a bougie touch to the coastal wedding theme by using seashells, oysters to decorate centerpiece candles for dinner tables, wedding favors, signboards, invitations, ring holders, a long bead of oyster, and seashells to go across the tables, wedding cake, the possibilities are endless.

Coastal wedding theme blends all different elements and surprise you by giving a seamless decor for the wedding. Impress your guests by planning out a coastal wedding theme and add a surreal touch to the wedding.

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