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Beautify your Wedding with Fancy and Floral Peacock Decor

by Sanhita Roy

Peacock decors are creative pieces of themed weddings and we are drooling over floral decors. It buoys your guests go ga-ga in joy. Taking photographs in front of white, pink, or green peacock decors is sure to be a mind-blowing affair. Click some gorgeous photographs that would have a lasting impression on the guests and you, as the host, would love it!

Peacock decors are creative ideas which have a subtle joy inscribed in them. It simply enhances the celebration mood of a wedding. Here we have inscribed some ideas for you to choose from.

Super fancy and dreamy

All green and white decor are simply mind-blowing. The peacock is an auspicious bird in a wedding that portrays love. Those white flowers combined with green leaves look stunning!

All purple and pink

This peacock decor in the open is truly amazing. It is the photo booth zone and you can see guests streaming here to take photos and upload same on the social media.

Oh! So stunning Mandap

As they say, peacock depicts love and attachment. The ‘mandap’ is soaked with the holistic and subtle grace of love and attachment which the peacock depicts.

Pretty pink tail

This peacock decor is crafted of shola (a milky white spongy wood) painted pink magnolia and white flowers. A great photoshoot will prompt the wedding guests to stand in front

Red hearts and peacock

This would be a really good choice for your wedding. Incorporating white and red with hearts is just unique and it looks dreamy. Imagine it with starry lights, good gracious!

Long tail and all-white

This white peacock decor in the branches simply looks stunning. The white flowers are mesmerizing and alluring. The guests will be alive and vibrant taking photographs in front of it.

An incredible peacock decor

This peacock decor looks incredible and authentic. Great photo shoots and footfall of happy faces can be seen in front of it during your wedding.

A sensational peacock decor

This sensational peacock decor created with rare orchids and stunning flowers is sure to catch every imagination. Sure to be the most sort after zone during your wedding for photoshoots.

An outstanding peacock decor

This piece of outstanding peacock decor at the venue entrance spells class and authenticity. The guests are initiated to the ambiance of a grand wedding inside.

Ravishing and colorful

This decor is the selfie point and photoshoot point of a wedding. Guests are sure to giggle and make faces while taking photos in front of it.

Gorgeous magenta and white

This crafted floral peacock is sure to win hearts. It is a trendy showpiece that is sure to liven the all-around spirit. The guests will love to take photos in front of it.

Red and unique peacock decor

The color contrast and lights used to create decor soaked with subtle grace. The effect of this decor is sure to have a lasting impression in the minds of the guests who see it.

Floral and lovely feathers

The peacock looks captivating and stunning. The floral petals used to create the feather is scintillating to look at. This peacock decor is sure to be a major attraction in an authentic wedding.

When peacocks gather!

This outdoor decor in the open is truly fabulous. The quirky pink peacocks add the extra zing factor to this decor. A setting for traditional rituals in offering here.

So radiant and subtle

This radiant peacock decor sets the tone of your wedding. The glimpse of this decor is sure to uplift the spirit of the guests as they enter your wedding venue.

A charming white centerpiece

These all-white peacock decors are truly charming and graceful. This authentic centerpiece will surely the guests towards them for a memorable photoshoot during your wedding.

Exotic and colorful look

This piece of decor is mesmerizing and exquisite. With white and red garland strings in the backdrop, this peacock is a treat to every eye. The guests will be treated to a holistic ambiance with great photoshoots in the offering.

Explore some ravishing floral entrance ideas and check out floral mandaps. You can also dive in to some quirky bar decor for that gala cocktail night!

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