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Creative Wedding Bar Signs to Style Your Cocktail Decor

by Tripti Jain

Wedding signage adds a beautiful touch to the wedding along with guiding your guests about where to find anything that they are looking for at a wedding venue. It also makes for and important element of your décor and theme, conveying to your guests about the mood of the wedding. Wedding bar signs are one such that have become popular in recent millennial weddings.

Here is a list of some of the most creative wedding bar signs you can have at your wedding.

Neon Bar Sign

A combination of two major wedding trends by using a fancy green bar backdrop with an iconic neon sign on it. Neon signs look trendy and eccentric wherever they are placed. Use them in a wedding that needs a little more spark.

Chalkboard Bar Sign

Your own customized chalkboard is one of the great wedding bar signs that lets you create any message for the guests at the bar. You can even change it with time and events.

Bar Stand Sign

This is one of the most sophisticated wedding bar signs that you can have at a wedding. It gives you just the right amount of information that you need and looks very decent. This is mostly used for more of a formal occasions and private weddings.

Table Bar Signs

Tabletop wedding bar signs are the signature signs for a wedding. They list out the drinks menu of the bar for the guests or else they have the wedding couple’s favorite drinks mentioned there for everyone to try. The tabletop bar sign can be made for the wedding style you are going for. You can get a vintage one, solid glass, colorful, and with a green facade as well. This acrylic glass bar sign gives a chic, modern look to a wedding.

Rustic Bar Sign

If you are looking for a bar wedding sign suitable for a rustic wedding, look no more. These wooden handcrafted bar signboards will give your bar a phenomenal look and take you back to the calms of countryside.

Hanging Bar Sign

Hanging bar signs are easy to use when the heavy decor covers up the whole bar counter and you want to bring attention to the sign when the venue is packed with guests.

Convenience and aesthetics are the two important preferences for weddings these days. The wedding signages provides everyone involved in the wedding with both of those elements to make the event successful. It’s an awesome way to add fun at the wedding along with practicality.

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