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Floral Backdrop and Circle Arches for a Heavenly Wedding

by Sanhita Roy

Decoration with flowers in an unexpected way with a crazy concept and here comes floral backdrop and unique circle arches for your wedding. What about a wedding flower wall or simple ceremony arches? These ideas may gel with the concept of duality. The space in front of this wall can be used for rituals, once completed this can be rearranged for drinks counter or bar or maybe a dance floor or to a photo booth for some fun and quirky selfies.

Similarly, if you are a nature lover with a wedding being conducted indoor, fresh flowers in the wall concept bring nature right indoors for your satisfaction.

Here we have incorporated some ideas of wedding flower wall for you to choose from.

Glittery lights and roses

A cutesy floral wall, isn’t it? The guests are sure to be treated to an event of a lifetime with dance food and drinks in front of it.

Let’s call this heaven!

This circular shaped wedding wall in open is a great place for a photoshoot. Excellent selfies are sure to make the guest attendees go ga-ga in front.

Flowers and Balloons

This all-white wedding flower wall is authentic from all fronts. White roses are the most sought after the flower which highlights love and intimate emotion. The balloons used enhances the beauty factor.

All-white and majestic

What a view? This magnificent wedding flower wall inside a glass indoor is just stunning and captivating. The front space can be efficiently used as a dance floor or the ring ceremony.

Stunning pink and white

What about a dance floor or a cocktail party with this floral wall decor at the backdrop. Spectacular isn’t it? The guests will be treated to a great experience of celebration.

Shades of pink and white

This circular wall in pink white and purple is simply awesome and glorious. A great place for photoshoots which is sure to become an event in itself.

Roses and balloons

This all-white open floral wall is striking from all fronts. With the wedding, the signboard in front of this place is great for photoshoots. The guests will love to take selfies and photos here.

Let’s fall in love!

A cute and pretty looking wedding floral wall. The neon inscription when glows makes the atmosphere vibrant and electrifying. A sequence of dance, music, food, and party that follows is sure to make your wedding a lifetime event.

Touch of greenery

The shinning white and green flowers is sure to catch every eye. This awesome presentation is sure to bring out an eye-popping experience for the guest attendees.

Colorful and green

An awesome and crazy looking wedding floral wall. A celebration of dance, music, food, and the party is sure to make your wedding day a phenomenon of its kind.

Circle of roses

A simple wall with multicolored roses is sure to catch every eye. In the backdrop of curtains, this circular shape is a perfect layout which is sure to catch every eye.

Magical floral arch

This genuine floral structure in the open is mesmerizing in all aspects. It is sure to catch every imagination of the guests as it turns to be a great zone for photo shoots.

Simple and awesome!

This wall is simple yet scintillating. The flowers used and the green shrubs is sure to create magical spell and the guests are treated to a zone of fun and photo shoots in front.

The letters of love!

This all-white with shades is awesome and resplendent. The attending guests are sure to get absorbed in this greatness. Great photo shoots and selfies waiting for the guests.

This was all about flower walls and arches, but don’t go, we have got so much more! Check out floral entrances and some quirky photobooths for your D day!

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