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Amazing Wedding Sign Board Ideas to Spot

by Tripti Jain

Small details like adding wedding signposts throughout the event are often overlooked. However, using signboards at an event not only gives the wedding a personal touch but also calls attention to the small details added to a wedding. You can even DIY your own wedding signs that go with the wedding theme.

Here are some amazing ideas you can use at your wedding to creating a lasting impression on your guests.

Bar Counter

A drink station will be a place to hang out with all your wedding buddies. Depending on the mood of your wedding function you can go with any theme from lighted boards to good old chalkboard signs. Adding wooden barrels with a wooden sign gives an earthy rustic vibe to the look. If you are looking for more ideas for bar signboards, we have just the ones to tickle your inner dancer with specially curated signs for your drinks counter.

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A dedicated corner for capturing cool portraits need to have a sign for itself.

For more ideas of Photo-booth inspiration check out this blog: https://wedmeplz.com/blog/awesome-wedding-photo-booth-ideas/

DIY Hand Painted Frames

With all the social media glams, the wedding hashtag boards are very popular these days. They not only tell your guests about the hashtags to use to get images from everyone but also can make your candid pics trend on social media. When it comes to these, nothing is more beautiful than hand painted DIY frames for the wedding hashtag. These can be used around the whole venue for an astonishing look.

Couple Signposts

These are some of the most popular signs used in weddings in recent years. Couple of wedding boards are usually done outdoors which looks beautiful with all the lighting during the evening. It also works as a backdrop for couples to get their photoshoot done.

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Neon Signs

Neon signs give a cozy yet eccentric vibe to the wedding. It is perfect for couples who are into a casual and unconventional wedding.

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Baraat Signboard

If you want to go overboard with wedding signs, you should probably consider including baraat signboards. It is such a trendy way to display the couple’s love and call out the exciting day.

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Direction Signs

Direction signs may not come very handy when it comes to organizing an indoor wedding, but these signs are a must-have if you are talking about an outdoorsy wedding. You don’t want your guests to get lost in the middle of the venue and miss the important wedding moments. To make sure all your close friends and family members are present at the right place at the right time, these signs should definitely be considered.

Wedding signages does not only act as a guide for the guests throughout the wedding, but they are also an interesting and creative way to decor the venue and add a fun element to the whole wedding.

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