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19 Simple & Quirky Photo Booth Backdrop ideas to Capture the Fun Wedding Shots

by Sanhita Roy

Wedding photo booth backdrops help to enhance a magical and joyous atmosphere at a wedding. They instigate the creation of scintillating photographs and photo shoots in an effortless way. They engage in fun and interesting ways to volunteer the guests and reciprocate their wishes to the happy and the newly married couple. They create happy moments and laughter throughout the day. They remain the most sort after place among guests throughout the wedding day.

Here we have suggested some stunning wedding photo booth backdrop ideas for you to decide on.

Feel good wedding booth

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Shyamalee Thevar

This wedding photo booth ensures a feel-good factor in the minds of guests as they approach it. The contrast colors of crimson and white enhance laughter and joy in the minds of the guests.

A flower wall

Specially designed selfie booth is sure to be a major attraction of your wedding. One can feel the glamour and artistic flair within as he/she stands up and take selfies in front.

Flower and Scooter

Your wedding day is sure to be a great selfie day for both young and old. This photo booth is authentic and trendy with those paper flowers and they look stunning!

Vehicle and Floral

Even the glimpse of this photo booth is so soothing. Take some sassy selfies and group photos standing in front of this booth. These photographs will provide lasting memories with the florals!

State-of-the-art decor

A quirky classy and an innovative photo booth. The photos taken here are sure to create a magical and authentic feeling in the minds of guests in snaps.

Sassy and Trendy

Use social media in style. Stunning photos are sure as you are in lavish and designer wedding dress. Upload on social media to secure a high percentage of ‘likes’ and great ‘comments’.

Stunning photo booth

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A stunning photoshoot in the backdrop of this photo booth is for sure. The green tinge color contrast and the prop are absolutely mesmerizing which ensures great photograph.

Fav photo booth for shutter loving guests

Crazy, intimate, and vibrant photos are obvious for shutter buff guests standing in front. A memorable experience for the guests in offering along with your wedding.

Pink Flowers and Frames

This photo booth is crisp trendy yet sleek. Awesome photoshoots are sure to be the most talked-about idea at your wedding with those flowers and pink frames.

Innovative photo booth

This quirky photo booth is sure to be a major attraction to your wedding. The props, bottles, and hangings used to create a charming and desirable atmosphere for photoshoots.

Contemporary photo booth

This photo booth is contemporary and beautiful. Sure to be a major attraction among the guest attendees to your wedding. Stunning photos are sure, which will remain as memoirs for a long time.

Traditional photo booth

A unique traditional photo booth setup, sure to be the liking of the guest attendees. The props used, petals, and flowers create an ambiance of traditional and mesmerizing class.

Mesmerizing photo booth

This indoor photo booth is rugged in looks with a subtle mesmerizing effect. The props, artificial flowers, and decorations create a perfect blend of creativity, sure to be loved by all guest attendees.

Classic photo booth

Your wedding deserves the best from all fronts. So should be the photo booth. The props and items used are classy and trendy. Selfies taken in front are sure to attract a large number of ‘likes’.

A 3D effect decor

A relatively new experience for the guests standing in front. They are treated to a 3D effect of photographs as they shoot their photos standing here.

Colorful photo booth

Photo booth ideal for occasions like Haldi, Mehendi. Awesome selfies on the cards as one stands in front with colorful and gorgeous tattoos designed in their hands.

Newfangled photo booth

An awesome photo booth for the Haldi occasion. Gorgeous dresses cheerful faces and amazing tattoos under this hat is sure to click the best of ‘selfies’

An open photo booth

A classy photo booth designed with colorful and innovative props is sure to catch every imagination. Excellent scenery at the back surely boosts the ambiance of this booth.

Amidst the palm trees

The decorative pieces of anchor, lifebelts, steering wheels portray the sentiments of people in the coastal region. An ideal open photo booth with stunning yellow and white fresh flowers is sure to catch every imagination.

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