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20 Floral Entrance Decor to Venue For Royal Weddings

by Tripti Jain

It’s your wedding day and it calls for something special and outstanding, isn’t it? Start right with the first point of decor that is the entrance. How about an authentic and grand floral entrance? The guests and friends are treated to the first selfie point which is this entrance. The splendor of the same needs to be a treat to every eye.

Choosing a venue may be cumbersome as every detail needs to be looked at. And among these detail, the entrance needs to have a major consideration. Select an entrance crafted with fresh flowers. The color fragrance and subtle smell are sure to set the right ambiance for a grand wedding.

Check out some unique floral entrance ideas for you D day!

Sterling Floral Entrance Gate

Creativity and concept oozes out from this floral entrance. Natural and elegant flair can be observed in this floral and craft based decor.

Grand and Glam

Floral chandeliers and creative artworks are the theme behind this entrance. Elegant and authentic this entrance is sure to pitch the perfect tone for a royal wedding. Great place to take selfies.

Beautiful Flower Tunnel

The entrance is truly magical and mesmerizing. The dream sequence of events is sure to follow as you enter through this floral entrance.

Unique Floral Entrance with Big Jhumar

The entrance is beautifully rugged and wide. Multiple varieties of flowers and lighting are used to make this creative piece of art. This is apt for an open-air wedding venue.

Floral Entrance with Melody

Rhythm and melody can be observed in this floral entrance getup. Ingredients of subtle melody are observed in every artistic creation of this decor. This decor sets the right tone for your wedding.

Magical Lights and Big Flower Archs

Your guests are sure to get a wriggle in heart and initial goosebumps in awe as they walk past the entrance decor. This stunning floral entrance is sure to make your wedding a memorable occasion.

Artistic Wooden Structure

Wooden frames are crafted and flowers used as fillers to create this mind-blowing floral entrance. Arrangements of lights and its distribution add the extra zing factor to this piece of creation.

Red tunnel of love

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Red roses, floral petals, and awesome lights are used to create this mind-blowing tunnel of love and ecstasy. Feel the ambiance of the divine as you walk through it hand in hand with your soulmate.

Small Lights and Draping

The dazzling effect of lights and flowers creates a magical spell. The guests are sure to be treated with divine ambiance as they walk past the entrance to attend your grand wedding.

Mystical Floral Arches

This floral entrance in white and crimson is simply mystical with divine touch. An all-round positive aura is sure to make your wedding experience a truly enthralling one.

Drenched in Marigolds

Marigold is classy when used in the decor. The white and yellow marigold strings used makes this entrance look grande and authentic.

Simple and Classy

20 Floral Entrance Decor to Venue For Royal Weddings, 1 188
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The decoration is simple in the green, white, and standalone chandelier. The colors green and white represents class and youthful exuberance and sets the right tone for an authentic and grand wedding.

Majestic Floral Entrance

Rose, carnation. lily, orchids are used in abundance to create is a piece of art. The glow of lights adds up the glamour quotient of this floral entrance. The guests are treated to a majestic ambiance as they walk past this entrance.

Exotic and Beautiful

The floral entrance is crisp and elegant. Rare orchids hedges and exotic white flowers are used to create this magic decor. Stunning selfies are sure with this in background.

Gorgeous Elephant Entrance

Images of the elephants have been created with clay to create this elegant entrance. Crisp elegant and a new concept which is sure to set the right tone for an authentic wedding.

All White Entrance

All the seven colors of the rainbow make white. It is pure and elegant poised with the flair of all seven colors. Your wedding is set with the right tone of divine grace soaked in white.

Dreamy Aisle

Strings of white and red flowers hanging from the top make this unique entrance aisle. The red and lights add its glamour to newer heights. A princely feeling is sure in the air as you walk hand in hand with your soulmate.

Flowers Leaves and Jhumar

The colors and tinge created by the fresh and artificial flowers and jhumar are truly exciting. Lights add up to the scintillating factor in this floral entrance. This area promises great photographs when taken here.

Royal Floral Entrance

Rare orchids, authentic fresh flowers and crafty layouts is the hallmark of this floral entrance. Class is observed in every sequence of this piece of art, i.e. floral entrance.

Gorgeous Pink and White

This floral entrance is ideal for an outdoor authentic wedding venue. The photographs taken with the decor in the background will be rated high in terms of eye appeal.

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