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13 Gorgeous Mehendi Hairstyle You Need To Try

by Tripti Jain

Amidst all those gorgeous bridal buns and braids we almost tend to forget about mehendi hairstyles and other important function like sangeet and haldi. After all, you need a more casual and simple hairstyle for your mehendi. We understand it can get a bit daunting to find out mehendi hairstyles from a bunch of heavy bridal hairstyles so here we are with a list of simple yet stylish hairstyles especially for your mehendi function!

1)Twin Braids

A lot of new brides are going for this latest fashion trend. Yes ladies, twin braids are the new thing. You can either have two thick braids locked together at the end or two thin braids embellished with little stones. Its easy as well as damn stylish!

2)Floral Accessories

The trend of floral accessories is here to stay. Gold and diamond jewellery is okay but how can anything beat the beauty and elegance of fresh flowers? Just complete your look with light makeup and win the day like a queen.

3) A Cute Ponytail

Who doesn’t like simple fuss-free ponytail? No one! Its okay if you cant spare hours getting your hair styled before every function. You don’t need an extravagant hairstyle to rock your mehendi function, this cute ponytail is enough to steal the show.

4)A Big Bun With Matching Flowers

Speaking of simple hairstyles, sleek buns count too right? How about you step up your regular sleek bun with a bunch of fresh flowers that go with the color of your outfit. We are absolutely loving this mehendi hairstyle, what about you?

5)Floral Tiara

Looking for another floral accessory mehendi hairstyle without going overboard with the floral jewellery. How about a floral tiara? A simple low-key trick to glam up your mehendi hairstyle without much effort and this beautiful bride is surely carrying this amazingly.

6)Clip The Curls

Yes, we are talking about an open hairstyle. After all, mehendi hairstyles are all about keeping it light and fun yet elegant. But instead of a casual open hairdo we recommend that you curl up your hair and clip it the way this gorgeous bride is doing it. This mehendi hairstyle is effortless yet undoubtedly stylish.

7)Rose Pins Of Hair

Read the sub-heading  twice and still wondering what the hell are we talking about? Yep! Now you can get your hair styled into roses that are so neatly done that they look as good as real roses. This could be your only chance where you can spend hours on your hairstyle before an event without worrying about anything else in the world then why miss it?

8)Fresh Flower Studs

Floral accessories and hairstyles are a trend that is here to stay. So we have brought for you this classy open hair mehendi hairstyle. The prime focus of this hairstyle are those tiny flower studs pinned evenly on her hair giving her that fresh and serene look.

9)Flower Shaped Hair Tiara

You see how every time you read the words flower tiara you think of fresh real flowers but lets be honest, not every bride is a fan of real flowers given that it gets difficult to maintain them during the long hours of the ceremony but this bride has gone beyond the traditional hairstyles and is sporting a tiara styles hairstyle. This hairstyle has certainly won our hearts.

10) Braids and Twists

Your love for volume and uniqueness just found its perfect match.The beautiful bunch of little braids and twisted curls locked into that band of fresh flowers is definitely worth a few extra back snapshots.

11)Bubble Braid With Gajra

This mehendi hairstyle needs a second look to be understood. Look carefully, the bubble part of the braid itself has been braided and the gajra has been wrapped in the very famous Sonam Kapoor style. This super casual yet elegant hairstyle is just perfect for your mehendi!

12)Sparkle It Up

What’s a good hairstyle without gorgeous accessories? Sparkle up your hairstyle with gorgeous white stone accessories pinned along the length of your braid and the back of your head and be ready to claim the limelight like a boss.

13)Beach Style Fishtail Braids

Beach style weddings are all about keeping things cool yet elegant. So here is this beautiful hairstyle with a semi fishtail braid and going beyond the topic, we must say that those floral accessories are really making her entire outfit even better.

So these were the top gorgeous mehendi hairstyle that every bride should know. Do tell us which one you like the most because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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