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16 Vibrant Dance Floor Decor to Set that Twerky Rythm at Your Wedding

by Sanhita Roy

Your wedding dance space is a vital aspect as you tend to perform the most important dance of your life and dance floor decor is a must! For Asian weddings, we spot the vibrant Sangeet and Mehendi performances and they steal the show. For white weddings, it is a conglomeration where the first spin of the newlyweds and emotional twirls take place in tandem among guests friends, and relatives.

Hence you need to emphasize the quality of the surface as this is sure to be a memorable spot and will render memories of the future. The floors may come with wood or vinyl with prints of the crest as per your choice. The happy and magical moments created here are the seed of celebration particularly the wedding celebration as the unification of hearts at a subtle level is witnessed.

Here are some of the ideas that we have kept for your consideration.

Aesthetic and round dance floor

A dreamy dance floor with an esthetic touch. The art inscribed on the vinyl floor assures rigidity to the suitable level where your dance flows naturally and performance becomes elegant.

A grand fairytale ambiance

The dance floor has a dreamy set up. One can feel the subtle dreamy like ambiance just stepping in. You wedding spins and twirls will surely have a divine touch on this floor.

Mesmerizing and elegant white

A luscious mesmerizing dance floor in the offering. The creamy textured vinyl floor is suitable for any dance form. The guest attendees will surely have a pleasant and memorable experience here sawing in the rhythm of music and light.

Colorful Sangeet Decor

This dance floor with ‘rangoli’ designs is sure to catch every imagination. The color music and light are sure to create a magical ambiance which is sure to be loved by all the guests.

Vibrant purple and flowers

The color contrast created by the ceiling and the design layout of chairs and props enhances the beauty of this splendid dance floor. The dance twirls and spins here will make splendid photographs to be kept and cherished for a long time.

Sparkling white and fancy balloons

The ambiance created by the luxurious balloon ceiling adds up the hue of this dance floor. The anti-skid floor will make life easy for the guests as they find themselves swing to foot-tapping music and lights.

All style and lights

The overall setting of the dance floor is mind-blowing. The crazy artworks are ideal for the disco lighting which is sure to make the dance event a dreamy and magical session during your wedding celebration.

Elegant and vibrant

An elegant and authentic dance floor. The floor prepared with non-slippery vinyl material is sure to catch every imagination. The guests are sure to enjoy as they sway in rhythm to foot-tapping music.

Charming dance floor

Mesmerizing set up in the lights. Aesthetically designed in the open where you will find the guests swaying in rhythm to the melody of foot-tapping music. The spins and twirls photographed will attract a large number of ‘likes’ in social media.

Magnificent and twinkling

Arrangements of chairs props lights and decor, make this dance floor really look magnificent. One can lead themselves to a dream-like sequence tapping their foot in sparkling lights and enthralling music.

Charming and Colorful

The ‘rangoli’ art works used to design the dance floor will lead to a jaw-dropping experience among the guest attendees. Sumptuous food, with authentic dance floor, music, and light calls for truly grand wedding celebration including Mehendi and reception.

Glittery white and checks

This imposing dance floor is sure to catch every imagination. The designed layout on the periphery of the floor boosts the authenticity of this dance arena. The guests can dance and sway to foot-tapping music with drinks and food at disposal.

A resplendent dance floor

An authentic dance floor in the presentation. The luxurious chandeliers, hanging drapes, magical lights, and music set the right tone for a dreamy dance sequence. Your wedding celebration is sure to get magnified multiple folds with this arrangement.

A night garden

Floral artworks, the colors, and designs make for this breath-taking dance floor. Ideal for ‘Sangeet’ and “Mehendi’ occasions where the guests are introduced to a lifetime experience on this dance floor. A true session of music dance and festivity.

Dazzling and chandelier

The chandelier and drapes at the ceiling, artistic wall facets, sofa and table layout in the periphery, truly makes this dance floor a dazzling aspect. The guests will have an experience of a lifetime as they sway in the rhythm of foot-tapping music under the dazzling lights.

A Gorgeous dance floor

The impact created by the sparkling lights hanging like garlands from the ceiling on this transparent floor makes for this gorgeous dance floor. The guests are presented with a great experience of celebration as they spin and twirl to the rhythm of foot-tapping music. Great photo session in the offering.

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