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20 Unique and Quirky Wedding Bar Decor Ideas for Ritzy Cocktail Party

by Sanhita Roy

The bar at a wedding venue is the most sort after area and choosing a perfect wedding bar decor is super important. It uplifts the mood of the wedding as the guests have the option to quench the thirst and at the same time get elevated in spirit and sentiments. The alcohol has its natural flair to boost the frame of mind of the guests in general.

The bar is a major attraction be it your Sangeet, Mehendi, Reception, or Wedding night. The decor aspect of the bar needs attention as it syncs with the overall decor of the wedding venue and hence it enhances the glamour of your wedding.

We have collated some ideas in this blog for you to think about the aspect of bar decor and its presentation. If interested just focus on it and choose the one that you prefer.

Floral chandelier decor

An authentic wedding bar decor, a treat to every eye. The beaming three-layered floral chandelier stands as the main attraction. The glasses and drinks arranged will surely attract every eye.

Charismatic and glittery

The round floral chandelier and the designer strings hanging and glistening is the major attraction of this wedding bar. The arrangements of drinks and glasses are simply mind-blowing. This counter is sure to the most sort after among guests.

A majestic pink decor

This pink wedding bar decor is a great attraction. The cozy seats are arranged, aligned with the wedding theme of feel-good factor. Just get into the mood of delightful tipsy in these sofas with the glass in hand.

Golden starry decor

The expensive and dazzling chandelier at the top will draw the guests to this counter. The drinks and glasses are arranged in style. Just feel the inward greatness in you as you pick up the filled Belgian glass to sip.

Open-garden bar setup

A vivacious round wedding bar in open circled with floral beads at the top. The leaf stands along with leaves and floral outfits are the major attraction of this bar counter. A great feeling evolves to take the drink filled Belgian glass from this counter.

Golden and grand

20 Unique and Quirky Wedding Bar Decor Ideas for Ritzy Cocktail Party, m 18
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Rani Pink

The contrast created by the florals used in synchronization with the lighting is absolutely awesome. The guests will naturally get attracted to this counter which is set up with expensive drinks and Belgian glasses.

So green and unique

The glasses flowers petals and lighting used to set up this wedding bar is truly artistic. A delightful flair evolves in the minds of guests as they approach this counter for their share of drink.

Perky and silver decor

An expensive glass chandelier, square-shaped counter with chequered designs is the key attraction of this wedding bar counter. Feel the greatness in you as you get ready to pick up the drink filled expensive Belgian glass and start to sip.

Colorful wedding counter

This wedding bar in the lawn garden of the venue is sure to be a great attraction. The bar is set up with the taste of a connoisseur. The guest attendees get naturally attracted to this counter to boost their spirit.

A luxurious wedding bar

Colorful drapes, costly chandelier, an expensive glass table is the key aspect of this theme wedding bar. The guest will feel great to walk up to this counter, to pick up the expensive Belgian glass filled with authentic drink and sip into it.

The longest ice bar

A truly fascinating ice bar with those ice sculptures would definitely steal the show! Drinks and ice served from this counter carry a special effect of subtle greatness and the guests would drool over it!

Starling wedding bar in the open

The counter set up in the open is simple yet authentic. The drinks and add one’s are arranged in style with a sense of honor and gratitude. The guest will feel the elevation of mood to pick up the glass filled with a cocktail.

All colorful pompoms

This wedding bar is simple yet veritable and in the open. Expensive booze arranged in this counter is sure to be a major attraction among the guest attendees.

Pretty and colorful flowers

This wedding bar is simple and positioned in one corner of the room. The colored artworks are sure to be attractive in the eyes of the wedding guests. The guests will surely feel comfortable to approach this counter and pick up their drink.

Exquisite and creative decor

This open wedding bar is simple yet eventful. Expensive drinks arranged is sure to catch the eyes of all the guest attendees. The guests are sure to be treated to an experience of a lifetime.

Authentic and simple decor

This wedding bar in open looks elegant from all fronts. The pink colored arrangement sets the right tone to an authentic wedding. The guests are sure to be treated to a life time experience in this counter.

Lively spirited wedding bar

A truly artistic wedding bar designed class apart. The counter is sure to be a major attraction among guests as they feel their mood elevated and magnified while taking sips here.

Classy Ginn Bar

This wedding bar looks classy and eventful from all fronts. The guests get a feel of royal legacy as they approach it to take the drink filled a glass from this counter.

A touch of simplicity

This bar is swanky and decorative. The drapes hanging and the chair-tables arranged to add the glam factor to it. The guests are treated to a great experience of drinks as they get themselves cozily seated here.

Congenial wedding bar

This wedding bar looks truly congenial from all fronts. The drinks glasses and add one’s are arranged in a careful manner which makes this counter attractive for the guests. The floral pink artwork is really soothing to every eye.

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