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Vibrant Multi-Hued Lehengas To Make Your Mehendi/Sangeet Colorful And Memorable

by Tripti Jain

Choosing the perfect colors for your mehendi outfit have always been a daunting tasks for every bride. After all, you can only select one from the million options. So, if you are one of those brides who is confused over which color would be the perfect fit and at the same time you don’t want to miss out on anything, take inspiration from these gorgeous brides! From the fun floral prints to authentic mirror work, these beautiful brides opted for a multi-hued lehenga and they are totally rocking it.

Stripes For A Go-To Colorful Mehendi Outfit

The easiest way to flaunt a multi-hued lehenga with sheer style and grace is to flaunt a multi-hued lehenga with colorful stripes and we are pretty sure that after seeing those super cool multi-colored lehenga, you are already in love with these quirky colorful outfits.

Silver For A Shimmery Touch

multi-hued lehenga
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Credit: Unknown

Why just play it up with colors when you can add a shimmery touch to take the fashion quotient of your mehendi a notch higher. These gorgeous brides have paired up their colorful skirts with a sexy shimmery silver blouse and we are absolutely loving the combo.

Tie & Dye Lehengas

Tie & Dye lehengas have been very popular for mehendi ceremony since a long time and why not? Just look at these super stylish lehengas with the blast of vibrant colors on a equally bright colored base. If you are planning to get a cute snap of you twirling in your mehendi lehenga, we can’t think of a better lehenga than this.

Multi-colored Prints & Embroidery With Mirror Work

multi-hued lehenga
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Credits: Unknown

Looking for a mehendi outfit that looks absolutely authentic and royal? Here are some multi-hued lehenga with intricate embroidery, extensive vibrant prints embellished with little mirror work.

Floral Work In A Multi-Hued Lehenga Is Pure Magic

multi-hued lehenga
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Credits: Unknown
multi-hued lehenga
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Credits: Unknown

If there is anything that makes your mehendi outfit quirky and fun apart from the multiple hues it has to be floral prints. These floral prints look absolutely gorgeous especially with vibrant hues making the whole attire look even more gorgeous.

This Bride Whose Multi-Hued Bandhani Bridal Lehenga Went Viral

There are certain outfits that just make you pause and zoom into it leaving you crushing over it. Same goes for this one. This bride in her multi-hued bandhani lehenga made all the women online go gaga with her stunning mehendi outfit and to be honest, we too are bowled over by this gorgeous outfit.

Bollywood Actress Who Rocked In A Multi-Hued Lehenga For Their Mehendi

We all can bet on the fact that each and every celebrity wedding has managed to set a new trend that made all the future brides go gaga for the next couple of years. Same goes for our Peecee and Anushka’s mehendi. Once their candid snaps from their Mehendi ceremony in a multi-hued lehenga went viral, more and more brides have been inspired to go the unconventional way and pick up a multi-hued lehenga.

Pakistani Styled Multi-Colored Lehenga For Your Mehendi

There is special tough that Pakistani designers bring in to their lehengas that no one else can match. Their unique kurta styled blouse with a vibrant blast of colors on the fabrics that are adorned with rich and intricate embroidery will definitely win your heart. Bonus? A gorgeous dupatta embellished with stones to compliment your outfit.

So these were the gorgeous brides who stole our heart in their super stylish multi-hued lehengas. Do tell us your favorite design and which one will inspire your multi-hued lehenga.

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