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Super Sassy and Glam Punjabi Wedding of Silvy and Yatin

by Sanhita Roy

Wedding is a celebration where two hearts beat separately but vow to echo and resonate in rhythm together for the rest of the years to live. So was the story of Silvy and Yatin. Planned with lots of emotions and feelings, they vowed to be with each other for the rest of their lives and it was a super glam affair!

The Love Story

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The cupid has planned everything from their childhood as Yatin and Silvy used to go to the same school and share the same school bus as kids but never knew each other. It was 2011 when they joined some extra classes together and actually noticed each other and it was love at first sight!

As quoted by Silvy ‘I knew in that first glance that there is something.’ Their love had already begun, whether it was those silly jokes or bugging, they started to appreciate their feelings for each other. Those lovely 2 years passed by and they became really good friends. From silly jokes to being there for each other no matter what, they realized they were in love. The day was 8th April 2014 when their love story officially began after brimming for years.

Wedding Planning

Planning for a real wedding is not easy, from choosing a wonderful venue to designer clothes and of course, the food and drinks for the guests can really be tiring but they are so exciting! More the involvement, more the perfection and there is this extra flair of energy in a proper Punjabi wedding.

Silvy and Yatin did their planning pretty well, and selected statement decors for their rituals. From choosing a bright color lehenga for the haldi and mehendi, they even had the wedding decor complement their lehenga and sherwanis! We were truly amazed by the planning and yes, the bride, being a makeup artist herself, even did her own makeup for a function. How exciting is that!


The celebrations of roka and kurmai in Punjabi culture means the ceremony of engagement and it is all about families interacting and the exchange of rings. Traditional family churnis are passed on to the bride. The celebration continues with the exchange of sweets.

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Jewelry items are presented by the elders of both the families and the rasam of chunni charhai started after the engagement ceremony. It had a dreamy all pastel floral theme for the night and it did match with the engagement looks.


The pre-wedding functions commenced with Silvy’s bangle ceremony along with Radha Krishna Raas Leela and it was the D-day already! Since the couple wanted a colorful setup, they had a yellow backdrop decorated with colorful Embroidered Indian umbrellas, dreamcatchers, and other bright colored decoratives.

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The bangle ceremony was followed by the auspicious Haldi ceremony where four lamps were lit reflecting the glow on the would-be bride sitting in front. This ceremony ensures the beautiful bride is glowing on her wedding day and this glow symbolizes the life of a couple glowing in all fronts in the future.

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This is the penultimate celebration before the wedding and has immense importance in Punjabi culture. Here the Mehendi is sent by the would-be mother in law to the bride. The stunning yellow backdrop totally aced the Mehendi ceremony and we love it!

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We would like to take a moment and mention the beautiful floral hand jewelry wore by Silvy. It looks so stunning and we couldn’t stop drooling!


The wedding day was packed with many events and we spotted the dingling churas on our bride and it steals the show! The bridal entry was equally stunning amidst those huge bubble light chandeliers, white and red flowers with a touch of peach here and there.

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Both Silvy and Yatin complemented their looks on the wedding day and yes, the bride totally aced the non-red lehenga look. There were peach-colored decor items in the venue for that extra flair!

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Vendor Team

Photographer- Deepika Sharma
Chura covers – Pirohi by NB 
Mehendi Necklace- Attrangi 
Makeup and hair, Wedding Aarushi Oswal: Mehendi: Makeupbysilvymehta, Engagement: Aarushi Oswal
Nails, Wedding, and Engagement: Ginniz bridal n nail studio
Mehendi- Kali Ghata Mehandi
Bride’s outfits, Wedding: Royalista, Haldi, and Mehendi: Youngberry, Engagement: Rahul Kapoor
Groom’s outfits, Wedding: Aaghaaz, Engagement: Rahul Kapoor
Floral jewelry- Flair By Tanvi

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