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14 Awesome and Customized Wedding Favors that We Spotted!

by Sanhita Roy

Wedding favors are gifts that you give to your guests as a token of appreciation for participating and making your wedding a grand success. Say ‘thank you’ in style and the gifts speak for you. These gifts speak about your class choice etiquette and sense of gratitude.

Here we have incorporated some ideas for you to choose from for your grand wedding

Cute and beautiful cookies

These cookies look awesome, isn’t it? Just try it with your names inscribed and see the faces of guests lit up in wonder while receiving it.

Succulent plants- the gift of greenery!

Succulents can be great return gifts or wedding favors. They attract ‘luck” when kept indoors and hence the guests will surely love to have it as gifts.

Personalized Indian wedding favor bags

These super colorful and vibrant favor bags can be the best return gift for your guests. They have looks to die for and you cannot ignore their beauty!

Heart-shaped Carlo paintings

These heart-shaped Carlo paintings are really enticing and can be used as souvenirs or wedding favors. The guests will love to have them and keep it in their showcases of drawing rooms or wall hangings.

Colorful and scented soaps- the perfect return gift!

These floral soaps as wedding favors are trendsetters. Useful and authentic your guests will surely love it and appreciate your choice.

Indian box favors- the Sindur Dibba

Indian Box Favors - This is what Lata was talking about! | Indian wedding favors, Wedding favors cheap, Wedding favor boxes
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Gifted to the married women as a symbol of love and respect, these boxes are considered very auspicious in an Indian wedding. They look so pretty and you can make them a little bigger and they would be jewelry boxes!

Enhance the sweet tooth with macaroons

These orange and maroon macaroons are tasty and wonderful. A sweet way to say thank you to your guests. They will surely love to have them.

Colorful and vibrant silk bangles

Bangles are unique as favors. It is sure to be loved by the guests as subtle affection is attached to it. Female guests will love wearing them and male guests will love gifting them to their female better half.

The Indian touch- Benarasi sarees

Benarasi sarees are uniquely gorgeous and trendy as rich wedding favors. They are sure to speak the highest about you and your wedding. You will surely hear the whisper of unexpected surprise poised with ecstasy from your guests as they receive these favors.

Handmade jute pouches

14 Awesome and Customized Wedding Favors that We Spotted!, Adirag
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Add some color and creativity to your wedding with these amazing jute pouches. They look so good and trendy!

Brocade sunglass boxes

14 Awesome and Customized Wedding Favors that We Spotted!, Indian Wedding Favor Ideas unique 18
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You can drool over these quirky sunglass boxes any day and we don’t blame you. They are so pretty and colorful!

Gold and lots of love

Gold wedding favors for guests unique wedding favor boxes | Etsy
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These gold showpieces are so glamorous to look, isn’t it? Just present your guests these small memories and see the sudden reflection of happiness in their faces.

DIY Mini-Alcohol bottles with gift tags

Those cute gift tags are the show winner here and I know you will agree. Your guests will surely love to have these DIY alcohol bottles as wedding favors.

White Blankets for a Fall wedding

white blankets as fall wedding favors - EmmaLovesWeddings
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I am sure you are amazing to check out this unique Fall wedding favor idea. Use cozy blankets as your wedding favor and your guests will surely love to have them.

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