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Multi-Colored Lehengas For Your Pheras That Are Trending On Instagram

by Tripti Jain

Isn’t it sad that you have to choose just one perfect color from the million shades for your bridal lehenga? Well, not anymore because multi-colored lehengas are the new fad and has taken the internet by storm.

Ladies, always keep in mind; do not settle for less,even when it comes to your bridal lehenga. Why settle for just one color when you can have a feast of colors on your bridal brocade that takes up the glam factor of your bridal lehenga up by several steps. In case you need help with the right time of multi-colored lehenga, we are right here! Here is a list of popular multi-colored bridal lehenga trends that you have to check out before you shop for your lehenga.

Multi-Colored Double Dupatta For A Vibrant Styling

multi-hued lehenga
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Credits : Unknown
multi-hued lehenga
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Credits: Unknown

Looks like our fashionista brides are not happy with just one dupatta. So here is a brand new hot trend! Yes ladies, we are speaking of multi-colored double dupatta. More and more brides have been using two dupattas to enhance their bridal lehenga and truth to be spoken, this fashion hack works like magic!

Flattering Florals In Multiple Colors Is Love

There is something about floral prints that no wedding lehenga list can ever be complete about mentioning them. So here we go again with another set of amazing floral printed with a new twist of multiple colors to add up to the glamour of the outfit.

Sabyasachi Lehengas For A Classy Feast Of Colors

Multi-Colored Lehengas For Your Pheras That Are Trending On Instagram, sabyasachibride
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Brides Of Sabyasachi
Multi-Colored Lehengas For Your Pheras That Are Trending On Instagram, sabyasachimulticolor
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Here is every woman’s dream bridal lehenga designer. Sabyasachi’s multi-colored bridal lehengas are laced with sheer elegance and glamour throughout the entire expanse of the lehenga and we couldn’t help falling for these designs.

Rich Embroidery In Rich Colors

multi-colored lehenga
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Nomi Ansari

Rich embroidery in rich colors is what brings out that royal and authentic style of any bridal outfit. And when it gets pumped up with even more colors as in the case of these ravishing multi-colored bridal lehengas, magic is sure to happen! Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

The Master Of Multi-Colored Brocades-Nomi Ansari

Now when we say this, trust us brides we are not exaggerating. Not even a bit. His work is an absolute heaven of tastefully chosen hues blended well over the finest fabrics enhanced with delicate and intricate embroidery that would make any bride melt down. If there is anything that you would fall in love with more than your bae. It has to be these lehengas.

Now that was our list of multi-colored lehengas for your wedding . Do tell us which one you liked the most!

And best of luck for your big day!

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