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10 Times We Witnessed A Unique Twist To The Saree Concept

by Abhigna Ghosh
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There is a reason why a saree is often termed as 9 yards of sheer elegance. No other oufit can make you look this stylish with such less effort. But do you want to style your bridal saree the usual way even on your big day? Hell no! We know how all brides spend hours researching new trends and styling tips for each and every ceremony.

So we have made your work a little easy! Check out this specially curated list of mind-blowing ways to style your saree for your wedding. Ditch the conventional way and go trendy with these amazing off-beat styles.

The Authentic Lehenga Style

Do you think it will be difficult for you to manage a saree during all the tiring ceremonies? Try out a lehenga styled saree. A unique blend of lehenga with saree that gives you the freedom movement and flared skirt along with the elegance and grace of the 9 yard beauty.

Quirky Dhoti Style For Your Mehendi Ceremony

A quirky fun outfit for your mehendi ceremony, this outfit is definitely every fashionista’s dream way to drape a saree. Its not just way easier to carry but is also so stylish that it will lead all the brides-to-be to take notes!

Flaunt Your Blouse With A Front Pallu

Who would say not to a chance to flaunt their stylish designer blouses ? No one! When you are paying so much for your blouse then why not grab the opportunity to flaunt it with a front pallu?

Jackets For The Boss Brides

Show your bae who’s the boss with a dhoti saree paired with a classy matching jacket. Saree jackets are so in vogue and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on such a trend, isnt it?

Accessorize With A Smart Belt

You know how we sometimes tie a gold chain around her waist when wearing a saree or lehnga for a special occassion? That belt just got a classy twist! Now we have brides accessorizing with not just ornamental belts but also with all kinds of belts including matching ones, how cool is that?

Capes For The Super Brides

When we were talking about jacket styling did we mention capes ? Yes brides! Do not just be the boss bride when you also be the super bride – Super stylish & Super hot! And these bridal capes are certainly worth adding to your bridal trousseau

Comfy Pant Style For The Bridechillas

Hello Bridechillas! We have something super cool for you that’s not just out-and-out stylish but is also super comfortable. We are hinting at pant styled sarees. Now you can steal the show in the 9 yards of elegance with super comfortable pants.

Double Pallu Saga

Why just settle down for one pallu when you can have two? More and more brides nowadays are opting for two pallu to add a special touch to their shoulder. So grab a second pallu and style in across your shoulder or wear it as a ghoonghat you are all set to steal the show.

The Classic Mermaid Style

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Could a saree be more fancy? So what if you can’t wear a mermaid style lehenga, you can always fulfill your dream in this gorgeous mermaid style saree that makes our heart twinkle every time we see it.

So these were the brand new styles in which you can give regular bridal sarees a trendy and quirky twist. Tell us how you are planning to style your saree in the comment section below!

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