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14 Gorgeous Bridal Braid Ideas For This Wedding Season

by Tripti Jain

You know how the fashion trends always keep changing bringing out new ideas every day. Well, this time it’s the bridal braids. Gone are the days when braids were just that boring nerdy hairstyle, the last couple of years have seen a huge hike in growing love for bridal braids with all these new styles and accessories.

Too much information at once? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out this list of top 14 unique bridal braids for this wedding season.

1)A Poofy Detailed Bridal Braid

The first quality of good hair is its volume and it goes true for hairstyles as well.  Your gorgeous hair braided into a detailed voluminous side braid for your mehendi or sangeet is just like a match made in heaven.

2)The Floral Braid Chain

Half tied hairdos are the new fad and why not? They are so cool and beautiful plus you get to flaunt your gorgeous natural hair as well. After all, we are all aware of a women’s love for her hair and those beautiful pink flowers is definitely going to get you brownie points

3) A Diagonal French Braid

Your love for French braid just got an aesthetic twist with this brand new diagonal French braid hairstyle. Nothing extravagant, just a neat diagonal French braid with a few loose strands and studs of fresh white and blue flowers and you are set for your big day!

4) Princess Jasmine Inspired Braid

The dream of every girl to feel like a princess on her wedding day just got real. How amazing it will be to sport the hairstyle of your favourite princess character. After all, you don’t get married every year so why miss out on this amazing hairstyle, right?

5)Bubble Braid With Pins

You know what’s the best thing about braids? Be it a casual outing or a wedding, with the right kind of accessories, they can literally fit anywhere. Just look at this glamorous  bubble braid with those dainty little pins adorning her hair. Isn’t it just beautiful?

6)A Classic South Indian Braid

No list of bridal braids can ever be complete without mentioning the south Indian bridal braid style. If you want to grab this opportunity to go all traditional then you should definitely try this hairstyle. The long neat braid tastefully adorned with the gorgeous lakshmi billau and those fresh and captivating strands of gajra is definitely one of the best bridal braids ever.

7)  A Messy Robyn Vine

There is something so amazing about these messy hairdos that we keep coming back to them again and again. However, this time we are not here with some regular messy bridal hairstyle but with the very special Robyn Vine braid. The skillfully braided hair with those tiny white stone accessories can be completely defined in one simple word- Breathtaking!

8) Criss Cross Braids

When it comes to bridal braids, the best part about this hairstyle is that its so flexible that you can play it up in any way you want. For an instance, take a look at this hairstyle- when you speak of braids this might not be the first picture that comes to your mind but also we can’t help but agree that it looks absolutely stunning!

9) A Thick Mermaid Braid

Oh what’s happening, first Jasmine and now mermaid? We can’t help it! These bridal braids are so amazing that we just can’t let you miss it. While mermaid braids can be done in several styles this is one of the most easy yet stylish bridal braid that is definitely apt for your mehendi or sangeet ceremony.

10) A Rose Braid

This isn’t exactly a bridal braid hairstyle but just look at it how could we let you miss it? While half tied hairdos with a single braid and flowers are pretty common this unique rose styled braid is fresh out from fashion industry.  So you get a beautiful rose braid, tiny little flower studs and those glossy curls all in one! What more could you ask for?

11) A Crown Braid With Waterfall Earrings

Magic happens when tastefully tucked in gorgeous bridal braids meet the right kind of accessory. In this case it’s the chain earrings.  If you think that gajras and pins are the only way to accessorize a bun then you need to check this out. The beautiful frontal braids that are pulled back into a heavy dramatic braid is just wow!

12) A Floral Braid

Now before you skip this idea thinking of it as a regular braid with just floral accessories just pause for a second and take a look. This isn’t a hairstyle that shows up in every wedding, the entire long braid has been tied into little flowers all along the length of the braid. While we agree that mastering this can take time, its certainly worth all the effort!

13) A Loose Dramatic Bridal Braid

Just when you thought that you can’t experiment any more with braids here comes this beautiful bridal braid that is so smartly embellished with those tiny beautiful pink flowers. There is something so attractive and fresh about this hairstyle that we can’t help but vote it as our favorite

14) A Sectional Bubble Braid

There goes another mind blowing bridal braid that is not just gorgeous but also absolutely unique. The partially open hair base holding the beautiful bubble braid will make sure that all the women definitely  turn to give a second glance at your hairstyle.

So these are the top 14 gorgeous bridal braids that you should definitely save in your phone’s gallery before you choose your hairstyle for your special day. Do tell us which one you are planning to choose, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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